Bradley Relents, Opens Move On When Reading Portal

After being instructed by Greg Miller, the head of the State Board of Education, to put on his “big boy pants” and open the Move on When Reading portal earlier this week, Arizona Department of Education Chief of Staff Michael Bradley said today that the department has now opened the portal.

Miller claimed that the Department does not want to disrupt schools anxious to submit their plans for Move on When Reading funding.

“Traditionally the Move on When Reading online portal opens as the new school year starts so there has been no delay,” Bradley said. “It has never been our intent to delay this process.”

The online portal traditionally opens at the beginning of each school year. Move on When Reading is a $40 million program mandated by state law.

Arizona law requires all school districts and charters to submit a comprehensive plan for reading instruction and intervention from kindergarten through grade three by Oct. 1. State funding is provided to schools to support the implementation of the K-3 reading plans.

Bradley said he is confident that if “cooler heads prevail at the State Board of Education, we can reach an amenable intergovernmental agreement with the staff there to continue the administration of the program.”

There is an ongoing suit in the Court of Appeals to clarify authority over State Board employees. Earlier this year, Douglas tried to cede power to the State Board of Education, but that effort was thwarted by clam heads in the Arizona Legislature.