Maricopa County Officer Booked For Inmate Assault

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio says his deputies arrested a detention officer who has been employed with the office for nearly nine years, for assaulting an in-custody inmate.

Zackary James Anthony, 12/21/87, has worked for the Sheriff’s Office as a detention officer since November 2009. At the time of the incident, he was assigned to the psychiatric unit at the Lower Buckeye Jail where seriously mentally ill inmates are housed while awaiting trial.

According to the Sheriff, on August 8, 2015, an inmate in the psych unit apparently managed to obscure the view of the security camera in his cell, requiring rectification by officers. After refusing to be handcuffed and removed from his cell, officers entered the cell to gain compliance from the inmate. That is when the assault occurred.

A video taken by another camera as well as interviews with responding officers provided the details related to the incident.

“At this time,” Arpaio says, “we have probable cause to arrest this officer for aggravated assault. The care and custody of inmates is a tough job, particularly in this unit, but that does not excuse inappropriate or potentially criminal behavior. The investigation will continue.”

The inmate, who cannot be identified per medical privacy laws, suffered a broken jaw and is being treated in a local hospital. After the incident, the victim’s family posted bond and he was released from custody on 8/10/15


  1. For a time I was a councillor at a similar facility. It was referred to as a “special housing” wing of the detention center. When we decided we needed to specially train jail staff on how to handle an inmate in situations like this, I suggested we create a “Special Housing Interdiction Team” somewhat similar to a SWAT team and train them.

    All went well until we made up shirts with the teams initials printed on them.

  2. those in the institution becoming institutionalized is not a unknown or rare event – its probably more the rule than the unusual – that this young man – after spending nine years in this job struck back in this event – more like PTSD than criminal event – there should be ‘time limits’ as to the length of service a worker in a facility of this type can work – you can’t wear a radiation badge to know when there has been exposure – you find out when they do something like this… what to do with him – one thing for sure – this career is over. Does he belong behind bars for his criminal act – I don’t think so – but I’m along ways from next to this situation.

    • still does not answer the question. What if the scumbags were not scumbags to begin with. As far as using ‘college’ students that is a waste of time since many that would participate are not of the same mentality or demeanor of the folks who work in the systems so anything they do can be manipulated to meet the study’s desired end. Think about it.

  3. Richard do these words also apply to the scumbags who are IN JAIL to begin with? Or are they all innocent angels who were picked on by the mean ol sheriff? Too easy to complain about those in chrge but what about the enablers who allow them to be in charge? I am sure these poor innocents Never do anything at all right?

    • hank. You must understand that this hernandeze character has a sever mental issue himself with his chosen lifestyle, is a DEMONcrat, a racist against White people and believes that when CRIMINAL. ILLEGAL, ALIEN, TERRORIST, COMBATANT INVADERS break into our nation that they are not “breaking our laws”. He support’s these Invader breaking our laws but screams bloody murder when White people do it.

  4. This Officer is only following his boss the Sheriff.

    Lead by example and not deed. Joe Arapio has CHOSEN what laws he will ignore ans which he will enforce.

    That being proven in Court no shock. This Officer feels empowered to do the same. It is ok to Violate the law after all you boss Joe does.

    How soon will Joe go to jail?

  5. The natural instinct of guard over prisoner is to abuse. All efforts must be made in training or setting policy to combat it. This is not studied enough.

    It’s just like when the Founding Fathers knew that the natural instinct of humankind in government is to create tyranny. So they set up the US balance of power system to fight it. It worked pretty well for a while but now it’s breaking down with some taking too much power.

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