Pima County Deputies On Wallaroo Alert

Pima County deputy Bierman took a call regarding lost kangaroos. Two kangaroos got out of their yard and were running loose on the far northwest side of town, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

The Department placed a post on Facebook describing the call: “When we are searching for people we usually release what’s called an ATL (Attempt To Locate), which is read out loud by dispatchers to other deputies in the area. An ATL was put out warning other deputies to be on the look out for loose kangaroos. This was definitely an unusual ATL!”


The animals were last seen hopping around Kinney Road. One member of the public advised the Department on Facebook: “I think I seen your Wallaroo running across Bopp near Kinney, Wasn’t sure what I seen but it was fast and after seeing the video It could have been one of them. Long and fast it was heading south about 4 blocks west of Kinney on Bopp…”

It is legal to own wallaroos if properly done, according to the Department.

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