Pima County Bond To Fix Roads In 2021

On Friday, Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry sent the Board of Supervisors the proposed Bond Implementation Ordinance. The Board is scheduled to vote on the plan Sept. 15.

The ordinance sets the schedule for when projects will be built if some or all of the 7 bond questions are approved by voters Nov. 3.

Supervisor Ally Miller advised constituents on Facebook that the County Administrator “plans to fund the bulk of the $160 million bond money for road repair between 2021-2028. Only $30 million will be spent on roads in all of Pima County, from 2016-2020. The list of roads to be repaired will be determined AFTER the election. On the flip side, the soccer fields complex by Kino that he wants to build, will receive over half of its funding in the first two years & is projected to be complete by 2021.”

To view the Bond Implementation Plan Ordinance for the 2015 Bond Election, click here. To learn more about the bond, click here.

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  1. The main reason not informed Voters would vote yes in bonds is roads.

    Here another of a long standing tradition of miss / wrongful use of public funds. Can you PLEASE vote oubthe two incumbents up for re-election in 14;months.

    No more Ray Carroll and Ramon Valadez. Support a candidate that will do what I have demanded for months and months FIRE, Chuck Huckleberry.

    Vote NO on ALL bonds.

  2. BOND – is that how you spell ‘bus pay rate increase’ for if you raise now – you pay later for many many many years of retirement increase that is simply an function of the math.

  3. These “bonds” are nothing more than “mean, nasty, jagged tooth, Bear Traps” set out to get some stupid, moronic, voters to step into them. And then the Huckster and his greedy wealth friend will gather at parties and make jokes about how they can’t believe that the Morons actually bought their B.S lies.

  4. No on bonds until Huckleberry is gone. And takes the Supes with him. To pension fund retirement heaven. I’m sure they got that all lined up.

  5. Please don’t increase the freeloaders in Pima County anymore. Chuck & Ray Carroll would just fill the jobs with Their buddies. In our HOA we have a committee that stays on top of the job and signs contracts with the company before any work is done. It must meet our standards for a certain length of time. NO MORE GOVERNMENT. You can’t trust ’em….especially in Pima county. Step up you retired engineers and get a group together and volunteer to form a committee and override the County. It’s past time to take it back. NO ON BONDS.

  6. I will not vote for one road repair or construction bond till one Ordnance law is passed.
    1- all utilities contractors who open a road will pay a inspection fee to have the county check and quantify work
    2- all road opening or repair not being don’t by utilities will hae an inspection permit taken
    3- Pima County inspectors that can do this job as well. All Pima county road repair pot holes will be done and inspected by Pima County inspectors in accordance with that of Utilities.

    As of Now the Utility contractors are taking and holding funds for road repair that never get spent and the Corporation commission never looks at that line item.

    I cant tell you county has let down the tax payer as the governing agency protecting shoddy contractors and careless subcontractors of utilities.

    • Robert, to only inspect a pothole repair is useless. The work is already observed by inspectors. Add a required warranty with a time limit that has be honored or that contractor looses the privilege of being permitted again. Period. All road openings or any other jobs the county can possibly make fees on or hold up already requires a permit. Any roadwork is supposed to be inspected and signed off. When you drive our roads you can see the benefit of that. As far as utility contractors taking and holding funds I have to ask why would they be given funds prior to any work being done? Shouldn’t they be receiving draws? I would also say I don’t think the Corporation commission has anything to do with county contracts or line items where contractors might hold funds. If they had to police dealings between the contractors and the county, who always takes low bidder they’ed have to open a whole new government agency. Just what we need. As far as any enforceable wrongdoing by shoddy contractors, impose fines that are mandatory and put them in a general road repair fund. I do understand your point but what we need is common some sense here so I’m guessing you won’t be voting this election and that doesn’t help the cause.

      • I wonder where the inspectors were when some idiots dug a utility trench across South Wilmot at Littletown. When they were finished they paved over the trench and now we have what’s essential a speed bump across Wilmot. This is typical of the sort of road “repairs” we’ve come to expect in Tucson and Pima county. Like just about everyone else, I’m sick of paying for nothing.

  7. Crack kills, just vote NO and tell this flim flam huckster to pound sand.

    But if course, we will have a great turn out in the below teens percent and this crap sandwich will pass with flying colors as usual.
    Lord help the tax payers from the dictators of Pima County

  8. Its just another one of the bait and switch schemes proposed by our good friend, Chuck Huckelberry.

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