Gilbert Mom Charged, Left Baby In Shopping Cart

The Gilbert Police Department is responding to questions about Cherish Peterson​, of Gilbert, who accidentally left her baby in a cart at Fry’s grocery store. Peterson has been charged with child endangerment​.

The Department has come under fire on the internet by supporters of the harried woman, who describes herself as “a good mom.” On Monday, in response, the Department issued a statment saying that it “understands that the Cherish Peterson matter is generating community discussion and eliciting a public response since it’s a highly sensitive family matter with children involved,” but “our responsibility is to gather and investigate the facts.”

The Department advises that the decision to charge her was “based on the length of time that the child was unaccounted for, the weather conditions at the time, and other information obtained during the investigation.” According to the Department, officers determined that probable cause exists to indicate that a misdemeanor offense did occur and have referred the matter to the Interim Town Prosecutor.

Currently the Prosecutor’s Office is reviewing the case to determine the next steps.

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  1. As the ADI has not given the readers ALL of the facts in this incident it is hard to decide if the prosecutor is going “over the top” on this issue, and if the charges and possible penalties are reasonable. If the child was NOT harmed I see no reason to charge her with anything other than stupidity, and if they did that they would have to charge ALL politicians with the same crime as well as many of the voters in our once great nation and state. It is WAY PAST TIME for the American families to TAKE BACK their parental RIGHT’S in raising their children without the NANNY ashwhole politicians interfering.

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