New River Man Arrested For Animal Abuse, 13 Dogs Seized

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Animal Crimes detectives arrested 29-year-old James Wright for animal abuse after seizing 13 dogs from the New River home he and his mother occupied.

Sheriff’s detectives today executed a search warrant at the home at 49333 N. 11th Ave, where they discover the 13 dogs living inside the home, in their own waste, some blind, paralyzed, with open wounds and emaciated.

Wright admitted during an interview with Sheriff’s detectives that some of the dogs had been bitten by rattlesnakes; however he did not have any money to take the dogs to the vet.

“The recent investigations of animal abuse has resulted in the seizure of about 200 dogs” said Sheriff Joe Arpaio, “We seem to be running tight on space in my jail for abused animals, even though we try to adopt them out to loving homes. Even with that, we will continue to crack down on animal cruelty.”

One dog, a female pit bull, was found severely emaciated and had open wounds because of a rattlesnake bite. Wright told Sheriff’s detectives that he did not have money to care for the dog, and the dog refused to eat food, however after the dog was taken to a veterinarian and offered food, the dog “gobbled” up the food.

Sheriff’s detectives had been called to Wright’s home in the past regarding animal cruelty however Wright, after being warned by Sheriff’s detectives to provide medical to the dogs, was able to fix the situations in the past.

James Wright, who also had a city warrant, is currently being booked into the Sheriff’s 4th Avenue Jail on Animal Cruelty charges. As the investigation continues, additional charges may be considered for both Wright and his mother.

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