Agreement Reached For Tucson Community Media Center

The City of Tucson has finalized a contract with BRINK Media to oversee the creation of the Community Media Center. Under the new contract, BRINK Media, in conjunction with KXCI Community Radio and WaveLab Sudios, will broadcast Cox Channels 12 and 20, produce live broadcast meetings of the Mayor and Tucson City Council.

The group is also supposed to “provide workforce development training, and enhance marketing services for the City’s Office of Economic Initiatives.”

BRINK Media is a digital production agency, experienced in web design, social media content, video, and production of independent films. KXCI Community Radio (91.3 FM) is a nonprofit community radio station. Located in downtown, WaveLab Recording Studio has worked with Calexico and Devotchka. The local partners will create the new Community Media Center. In addition, a programming board consisting of community members will be created to oversee the content for Channel 20.

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  1. Wonder how much this little venture will cost the taxpayers. Add this to the “beautification” maintenance to Campbell Ave. and you got more tax monies being pissed away for what?? Someone’s feel good moment in front of a camera or the “beautification” of one of the busiest streets in the city. What’s next from a broke city with taxpayers money?

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