Ducey To Join Salmon For Pope’s Congressional Address

Rep. Matt Salmon will be joined by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey today to hear Pope Francis’ address to a joint session of Congress. Ducey joined the President at a welcoming ceremony at the White House on Wednesday.

Ducey issued a statment on Wednesday saying that he was “deeply humbled to be a small part of the Pope’s historic visit, and I look forward to attending his much-anticipated congressional address on Thursday.”

“I look forward to hearing from His Holiness Pope Francis at his historic address to Congress tomorrow, and I am honored that Governor Ducey will join me as my guest in the House chamber,” said Salmon in press release.

“As the spiritual leader to millions of people across the globe, Pope Francis’ message of love, peace, and charity is one that transcends politics and religion,” continued Salmon. “It is my hope that after listening to Pope Francis’ address, public officials at all levels of government will be better able to serve our citizens.”

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar, a catholic is boycotting the Pope’s address. Gosar has objected to the fact that the Pope consulted with EPA head Gina McCarthy in the development of his position on climate change.

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Gosar told constituents, “I have made the difficult decision to boycott the Pope’s address to Congress next Thursday after numerous media outlets reported His Holiness would be spending much of his address supporting climate change policies instead of using this opportunity to advocate for religious tolerance and the sanctity of life. As an elected Representative, and as a practicing Catholic, I have both a moral obligation and leadership responsibility to call out leaders, regardless of their titles, who ignore the ongoing Christian persecution in the Middle East as well as the abortion epidemic in the United States.”


    • I watched, or tried to, part of the address to Congress this morning and turned it off, not because I disagree with his stand on several issues but because I couldn’t understand most of it. I am a practicing Catholic who thinks the pope has no business mixing in politics. His opinions on some critical issues, while still remaining adamant on the subject of ordaining women as priests, are hypocritical at best. For years all I’ve heard from my church is “pray for vocations” and worldwide priest shortages. The solution is right in front of the church hierarchy and they choose to ignore it. How utterly ridiculous.

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