Chamber’s Tucson Candidates Endorsements Raise AG Finding Doubts

Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild with TUSD Superintendent H.T. Sanchez at a Tucson Chamber VIP event

Earlier this month the Arizona Attorney General’s office found there was “not sufficient evidence” to move forward with an investigation of the Tucson Unified school District’s membership contribution to the Tucson Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and its subsequent endorsement of Board member Adelita Grijalva in the 2014 General Election.

The Attorney General’s Office received a complaint after questions were raised about the timing of the membership contribution by Superintendent H.T. Sanchez and the Chamber’s endorsement of the anti-business Grijalva. The complaint alleged that the contribution, purchased with public funds, was made “for the purpose of influencing the outcomes of elections.”

The Attorney General found, that the Chamber is a corporation with a “separate, segregated fund for political activity,” and investigation saw no “indication that the Chamber of Commerce used the School District’s membership fee in order to influence an election.”

Now, the Chamber’s endorsements of candidates for Tucson City Council are raising doubts about the Chamber and the AG’s office. Last week the Chamber’s Southern Arizona Business PAC sent out a press release announcing their endorsement of Council members using Chamber employees and resources. According to the group: “In order to arrive at objective candidate endorsements based on pro-business and pro-jobs criteria, the Tucson Metro Chamber’s Candidate Evaluation Committee conducts written and oral interviews with incumbents and challengers. The Candidate Evaluation Committee is a balanced panel of local business executives with a keen sense of awareness of business, community and political issues. The Candidate Evaluation Committee then presents its interview scores to the Southern Arizona Business Political Action Committee (SAZPAC).”

The impression that only some funds are segregated for political use, while the organization’s resources are being used for political purposes is at the core of a request being prepared in which the AG’s office is urged to re-examine the evidence and move forward with an investigation into the TUSD complaint.


  1. Correction: Actually, the numbers I quote for libraries and other facilities in the bond issue are understated. They figures are, in many instances, understated dramatically. Go to the bonds and check for yourself. And remember, NONE of this is needed.

    By the way, it was just announced by a different panel of “experts” that the community won’t have enough money from the gas tax to pave the roads and fillk the potholes. Our community will be sorely SHORT — tens of millions of dollars — in the funds needed to do what is necessary during the next 25 years. Guess what! They’re coming for your purse again. They want the money they haven’t got yet. There soon will be another piece of legislation to vote on and it will be another bond issue that will put the total you have to eat to unreal and unsustainable levels. How can they do this without feeling shame? Go figure. The create the expense and raise the taxes to get each of us taxpayers right between the eyes. Then they take the funds and reallocate them to something else they wanted but that you wouldn’t fund. Gotcha!.

  2. Libraries in Tucson are being closed down because nobody goes there anymore. Is that a problem for the Bond whizes? Absolutely not. They have new, mega libraries in the Bond that they feel they must build. Even libraries with readers and researchers have another problem — no staff or inadequate staff. Why? The city and county can’t afford the people needed to run the libraries. But, NO FEAR! We’ll build the library anyway. We have a library at about 36th and Kino. Right before we arrive at The Bridges — the property where the U of A, itself complaining about lack of facilities and lack of staff to run their new exorbitant encampment on South Kino, getting a brand new Library when a huge library is available just a couple of blocks away. Who pays for this new library? We do. Of course we’ll have to find the staff to run it. And who pays for that? We do. Any reason for this duplication of effort and cost? Jobs. Like the Feds; they buy our debt because “it’s there” and nobody else is around. Like eating our own children. The U of A is building another monstrosity out there at Los Puentes — a $180,000 new building called the Innovation Center (or something similar). It’s designed to function as a “think pot” for intellectuals. Apparently the need is there because there is no other place in our county where new product development people can work and think adequately so they’re going to give them a place to do it and you’re going to pay for it. Of course, the idea that there is no place now is absurd. The U of A has just gone through a massive re-casting of it’s Technology Transfer department at Eller. In fact, they’re in another convulsion brought on by the University’s president who is not pleased with the inadequacy of the recent structure and non-directed effort. And, if we look closely, there are more than a dozen “think tanks” in the city where people do precisely what the new building on South Kino is supposed to do. Eller has another extensive facility for commercialization and other efforts are scattered throughout the city. In addition, Oro Valley, in association with a lot of these educational institutions is building a huge new facility for the same purpose. They believe they have the talent and the facilities to do the same thing everyone else is doing but do it better. One of the unresolved issues, however, is the question of “who is going to run the thing?” Guess what! They all have agreed that the community doesn’t have the talent to run it and that they’re going to have to pay a crew to do that. Guess who pays for those people? We do. And what about the dozens of others in multiple facilities who are also working on the same stuff? One of the biggest realizations in this community is that Tucson doesn’t have a substantial enough “deal flow” to work with venture capitalists and investors. And we’re slim on the talent set. BUT! We’re going to build enough facilities to create anything that’s needed. We’ll have more buildings, costing more money, with more people than we can ever use. And we’re going to pay for it (unless people get smart and can these bonds).

    The “BILLION DOLLAR BOND ISSUE” is being chopped up into 7 different offerings so voters can pick and choose which, if any, part of the bond offering they’ll choose and vote for. Of course the various offerings are combined so that people who want only one of the offerings will have to vote for whatever package they’re in. And that’s supposed to be the lesser of two evils. In fact, this is a total misrepresentation that is part of a manipulation to get the public to capitulate and give the county and city and fund everything our administrations want. Why? Money. The people who put these things together realize that there will be some resistane to some of the pieces covered by this bond issue. Yet, they believe if the put it together correctly they’ll get the ones they want and then take the money and a vacation. Look at the lawyers. Who is on the team? They’re the ones who get large fees, or a piece of the action or more. Check there, first. .

  3. Picture speaks a thousand words.

    Two marxists, one a blatant racist pulling down $400k from the taxpayers and indoctrinating your children to be radical chicanos, one a blatant white guilt marxist.

    5th poorest city in America, and damn proud of it.

  4. With the Bond election coming up this November, ($1.3 BILLION), watch out for the surreptitous nonsense and misdirection designed to show you how dangerous it would be NOT to pass the bonds. You will see traffic sealed off while the city plants a tree opposite Tucson Mall, roads around golf courses jammed with cars as construction snarls traffic. Television commercials showing how danger and death lurks in the shadows as fire engines, police cars, and ambulances are stuck in traffic in neighborhoods and high traffic areas because “we” didn’t pass the bond issue. Construction signs will be posted and traffic in those areas will grind to a halt because we didn’t pass the bond issue. In reality, when the election is over and you’ve given more than $1 BILLION to these jerks, every problem, every traffic jam, every slow down, will disappear immediately. But the folks who watch over that stuff will have tens of millions of dollars because we let them get away with it again. Who put the bond package together? Do you elieve that he won’t get fees and a piece of the action. Don’t be that naive. Everybody involved with the pet building, bond issues, etc., get a piece of the action one way or the other. We’re getting hosed and we let it happen because we let these bozos get away with what others would call “fraud.” Let’s ask them to disclose what thay may or may not get out of their relations with these bonds and the rip off of the taxpayer.

  5. Now we say that the new Bond for 820,000,000 (close) will be an investment in our future. It seems as though that’s far from true. In fact, the actual cost will be $1,350,000,000! By the time the new bonds are passed, the actual cost will not be $800 million as projected and sold by the bond gurus. It will be $1.3 TRILLION! That’s right, fans. ONE TRILLION THREE-HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS (if the interest doesn’t go up and the payments are used for something else (that’s what politicians do — they go for a low monthly payment but they spend the money on other items that weren’t in the budget and defer payment on the bonds so they can live off the float and pay things down only when they approach foreclosure. But they will say that your cost will only be about $14 per month so who can complain? But, add that to the inreases in sewer cost, water cost, salary increases for the police and fire, and you’re well n the way to disaster. The entire Regional Transportation Authority was created from a scam. Our city councilk was very angry that one of their sureptious, underhanded, illegal operations failed that they decided to take it out of the hands of the taxpayers and create the RTA in an effort to screw the voter. Sorry, folks. That’s the truth. Now look at the result. Another “take it on the chin activity” that puts a financial bullet in the ear of the taxpayer. But it’s done so cleavorly that the average voter doesn’t see the Aces and Eights in the hand he’s dealt by the politicians (who believe that the voters are really stupid). And why shouldn’t they? The voters, you and me, ARE stupid. We let ’em get away with it! How can we complain?

  6. The money (Bond) for the new pet “care” facility ($28,000,000 estimated cost) and you’ll find that the money will pay contractors and laborers forever to build a new building that will surpass anything actually needed in the Tucson animal kingdom. Another surprise: ARE YOU AWARE that there is no money to pay for staff to run that place? Surprise, surprise. But that doesn’t seem to matter to the master manipulators of the financial purse. They’ll fund it — somehow. But it will cost the taxpayer dearly. Why? Because these politicians are like those in Washington. They put stuff together that will help them keep their political jobs and then they bill their folliest to the taxpayers by charging higher taxes. Surprise, surprise! My mortgage was next to nothing because my family home was built in 1978 and has been in the family since. Today, my taxes are a multiple of my old mortgage. You’ll find lots of people who will say, “that’s normal.” Really?

  7. Ask yourself who will make money and you’ll find the culprit behind the various bond issues. Throw them out and you have a chance

  8. Always claiming that there is not enough money for education, but here is another example of tax payer monies being saundered for political gain.

  9. Cronies special interest. They endorse incumbents because? You got it they will make $$$ off old boys/ girl who are incumbents.

    Follow the money you can see why Chamber endorses these ppl the bonds ete. Greed and power the ills of our community.

  10. The TCC is anti-American, pro-illegal it’s understandable why it would support her.
    It should not receive any public funding

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