Douglas Skips Second State Ed Board Meeting

Miller angry after a SBE Board meeting earlier this year.

On Monday, Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas skipped the regularly scheduled meeting of the State Board of Education. This is the second meeting she has missed since she accused Board president Greg Miller of assaulting her.

Douglas is expected to roll out her education plan on October 1. According to Arizona Department of Education spokesman Charles Tack, she opted to skip the meeting to work on that plan.

Fellow Board members expressed their frustration that Douglas was not present, but those objections were seen as politically motivated. Reginald Ballantyne, vice president of the Arizona State Board of Education, who has remained silent about Miller’s aggressive behavior, called Douglas’ absence “wrong” and called the situation “ludicrous.”

At the same time, Douglas’ supporters have complained that Governor Doug Ducey’s failure to protect Douglas is ludicrous.

Douglas’ opponents on the Board are determined to protect Arizona’s version of Common Core. To that end, they have supported Miller and his apparent attempts to intimidate Douglas.


  1. The Arizona electorate over whelming voted Douglas into office. She was NO on common core in her run for office. That what she pledged and she is living up to her word.

    I admire her spunk and take position that she was elected by we the ppl and she is doing as promised.

    Isn’t that why schools are being mutilated by Governor Ducey he said ” no new taxes ” and he willing to sacrifice our children for that? Oh but he will pray for them, dah.

    So what the moral of story? You get what you Voted for.

    Before I forget you get to Bote City Leaders and $815 million plus interest I’m a few days. What will you do Pima County? Believe lies of bos and cronies? Entrust City Government back to the current worthless elected leaders? You get what you Vote for. What will you do Pima County?

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