No Increase In Fees For Do Not Call Registry Telemarketers

The Federal Trade Commission has announced FY 2016 fees for telemarketers accessing phone numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry. The fees will not increase, and are set forth in a Federal Register notice.

All telemarketers calling consumers in the United States are required to download the numbers on the Do Not Call Registry to ensure they do not call those who have registered their phone numbers. The first five area codes are free, and organizations that are exempt from the Do Not Call rules, such as some charitable organizations, may obtain the entire list for free. Telemarketers must subscribe each year for access to the Registry numbers.

The access fees for the Registry will remain the same as last year based on a re-evaluation as required by the Do‑Not‑Call Registry Fee Extension Act of 2007. Under the Act’s provisions, telemarketers will pay $60 for access to Registry phone numbers in a single area code, up to a maximum charge of $16,482 for all area codes nationwide.

The Commission vote authorizing publication of the Federal Register notice announcing the new fees was 4-0.


  1. I don’t know what company that will follow the rules, but I think most telemarketer companies won’t care about the rules, that’s why there are maybe hundreds of calls in a week that we get. I personally always get 10 calls per week in average. There are also hundreds of reports filed at consumer sites like in a day about those telemarketers and scammers. I think the DNC list is not being made to prevent those unwanted calls.

  2. “I’m from the government. I’m here to help you”. Nine words that should terrify the hell out of you. This CommiNazi government that we now have only helps the GREEDY WEALTHY, those that are to LAZY TOO WORK and the CRIMINAL, ILLEGAL, ALIEN, INVADER, PARASITES.

  3. So basically, the consumer is better off keeping their phone numbers off this joke of a service that does nothing to actually keep the dogs at bay and the telemarketing scum bags pay a fee to get all these do not call numbers and instead of not calling them, they obviously use them to call and harass.

    Now I know why my calls went up not down after using this failure of a service, what a joke and who is their enforcer to make the idea work— NO ONE

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