Photo Op Planned For Kino, 22nd St Intersection Project

Never miss a good photo op

Join the City of Tucson and the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) in celebrating the completion of the City of Tucson – 22nd Street Intersection Improvement Project on Friday, October 2, at 9 a.m. at the southwest corner of Kino Parkway and 22nd Street.

Speakers will include Tucson Mayor and RTA Board Chair Jonathan Rothschild and many other city and county officials who want to be recognized for connection with a major transportation project including  Ivo Ortiz, chairperson of the project’s Citizen Advisory Committee.

The project has reconstructed one of the most congested intersections in Southern Arizona with the first grade-separated intersection constructed by the City of Tucson.

Its dramatic lighting, public art, landscape design, bridge architecture and structural engineering create an impressive gateway from Tucson International Airport into the city as well as a smooth passage south to the University of Arizona’s Tech Park at The Bridges on the southwest corner of Kino and East 36th Street.

The elevated parkway includes bike lanes, six-foot-wide sidewalks and a landscaped median separating two traffic lanes in each direction. Beneath it, 22nd Street was widened to three lanes in each direction with exclusive right turn lanes and dual left-turn lanes to access on ramps.

The $20.6 million intersection project is part of a comprehensive, $115 million budget to improve 22nd Street between Interstate 10 and Tucson Boulevard and was approved by voters in 2006 as part of the RTA plan. In addition, funding for improving the intersection was also included in the Pima County Bond Program approved by voters in 1997.

The Ashton Company was the contractor. A Citizen Advisory Committee of more than a dozen representatives of surrounding neighborhoods, local businesses, property owners and the Tucson Urban League met 25 times to provide valuable input, as well as holding five public open houses and seven neighborhood association meetings.

The project is part of the $2.1 billion RTA plan, which will be implemented through 2026. The multimodal plan, nearly halfway through implementation, includes roadway, safety, transit, environmental and economic vitality improvements. This project is managed by the City of Tucson. Details about the RTA plan are available at


  1. couldn’t they schedule some more work to be done here to extend this construction still a bit further into never done… it took enough time to build the great wall – was this on schedule if so ‘who’s’? it took forever.

    I find it interesting the way this ‘psuedo-freeway’ system is being developed on inch at a time around the city. Now here’s a trip – going from Craycroft/Broadway to Ajo/ Mission or Valencia area… Craycroft south to Golf Links psuedo freeway – to the Alvernon psuedo freeway south to Irvington – jink onto the I-10 after one block west (another terrible one lane left tern ramp from hell)- onto the real I-10 (terrible onramp dangerous place) west (on a very crowded 1-10 west) to the “south I-19” over the top of the I-10 and start south to where you need to get back onto surface streets. You better know where you are and where your going for this “simple” cross town – miss the traffic ‘express’ route to that location. NUTS! Is that in your GPS? Don’t think so…

  2. I bet you will see lots of the ppl there? Never the ppl get it this is just bull…. Event for the good ile boys to strut and show you how they on occasion use your tax money for a respectable cause.

    Being your camera, not!

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