Phoenix Residents Should Prepare For Bus Strike

The Phoenix Public Transit Department has been informed by Transdev, one of its contracted bus service providers, that the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1433 will convene its members today, for a meeting where a vote to authorize a strike could occur.

If ATU membership votes to approve such action, the company’s bus operators will have authority to strike in the future. A strike could disrupt bus service citywide, however at present bus service is operating normally.

Passengers are advised to check the status of possible bus service impacts by visiting the city of Phoenix Public Transit’s website,, Valley Metro’s website,, or by calling Valley Metro Customer Service at 602-253-5000.

Collective bargaining agreements for the employees working under the Transdev contract, which operates 34 of Phoenix’s bus routes, expired June 30, 2015 and were extended to Sept. 30. These routes are some of the most heavily used in the city, including 0-Central Ave.; 7-7th Street; 8-7th Avenue and all RAPID commuter routes. Transdev and the ATU, which represents bus operators, have been in ongoing negotiations since April 2015.


  1. Yes it is sad the bus drivers arestriking for health care and people are losing their lively hoods I think we the community need to come together and sue these bus drivers and the city for lost wages

  2. Well, the union pigs got slopped down here in Tucson, so the hogs in Phoenix are going to want the same.

    Good luck, Phoenix – how many of you are going to lose your jobs up there thanks to the union greed label?

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