Salt River Horse “Dotty” Was Shot, Killed

On Sunday October 4th, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and US Forest Service officials, received calls of a horse that appeared to have been shot at the Salt River Recreational area near Coon Bluff.

Rep. Kelly Townsend intervened after Sheriff’s detectives reported that they did not believe there was no reason to say the horse was intentionally killed and left the horse to decay in the elements. Despite the fact that the Sheriff’s office is well-known for its excellent care of animals, Townsend, a small farmer and animal lover felt certain the death of Dotty need a closer look. She sought the assistance of an expert at Midwestern university to perform a necropsy. Working with a veterinarian who was working with the Sheriff’s department, together they confirmed that the horse had been shot.

Finally a necropsy was performed by a veterinarian who determined the horse “was shot” by a small caliber weapon but there was no projectile recovered from the horse. This case has now been turned over to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Animal Crimes Unit and remains under investigation at this time.

If anyone has any information about the circumstances of this horse death known as “Dotty”, please call the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office at 602 876 1636 or 602 876 1011

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