Abortions Down In Arizona, Decreased For All Adolescent Groups

As required by Arizona law, a comprehensive annual statistical report is compiled presenting abortion statistics and demographic characteristics of women obtaining abortions in the state. The 2014 reports shows that the number of abortions is down.

Included in the report are data obtained from reports of abortions, complications resulting from an abortion, and petitions compiled and processed by the Arizona Administrative Office of the Courts authorizing an abortion to unemancipated minors.

Data is compiled annually based on calendar year using a secure, web-based reporting system.

Read Arizona 2014 Abortion Report

The report reads in part:

Facilities and providers submit abortion procedure (A.R.S. §36-2161) and complication reports (A.R.S. §36-2162) to the Arizona Department of Health Services on a monthly basis.

During the 2014 reporting year the total number of reported abortions performed in Arizona was 12,900, compared to 13,401 in 2013. Ninety-nine percent (n = 12,747) of abortions performed within Arizona were to resident women (“resident” refers to valid resident status within Arizona), of these, 12,685 were women between the ages of 15-44 years. Resident women between the ages of 20 to 29 comprised 59 percent of all abortions to resident women. Unmarried resident women represented about 50% (~ 49.6%; n = 6,320) of women obtaining abortions.

Compared to 2013, the 2014 abortion rate decreased for all adolescent groups 15 -19 years. The abortion rate among Arizona females age 18-19 years decreased 5.5 percent from 2013 to 2014. Surgical abortion procedures were used to perform approximately 72 percent (n =
9,197) of reported resident abortions. The percent of resident women who received non-surgical abortions remained about 28 percent (n = 3,550) between 2013 and 2014.

The number of abortions due to maternal and fetal medical conditions decreased in 2014. About forty-five percent of abortions performed due to maternal medical conditions were performed at gestational ages 14 to 20 weeks, 65.3 percent were peformed using surgical procedures, and 79.6 percent were performed in hospitals. Over fifty-six percent of abortions performed due to fetal medical conditions were also performed at gestational ages 14 and 20 weeks, 92.7 percent were performed using surgical procedures, and about 85 percent
were performed in clinics. The highest number of abortions in either category were performed among resident women 35 and over.

During the 2014 reporting year hospitals and clinics reported 137 resident women who experienced complications resulting from an abortion. Of these, the majority resulted from abortions performed at gestational ages of 13 or fewer weeks (68.6%, n = 94). The most
frequently reported complication was Delay or Excessive Hemorrhage.

The Arizona Administrative Office of the Courts reported a total of 61 petitions filed during the 2014 reporting year. Of those, 45 orders authorizing an abortion without parental consent were issued to unemancipated minors.


  1. Because of the young age group involved I believe that the numbers are down because these girls, who are still children themselves, want to get on the public assistance programs because they are to lazy to get out into the real world and work for what they get. They become lifetime Parasites and the chances are that the children that they have will be raised to be the same when they get older.

  2. and how many ‘over the counter chemical abortions were done’? don’t think that influenced the statistic? Is it any coincidence? The price for all of the souls piled to the heavens will be significant – there is but one salvation.

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