After Washington Debacle, Cats Need Win

Luke Falk was a weapon. Luke Falk was statistically the best passer in the Pac-12 conference. Last week the Wildcats further cemented those sentiments by having Falk throw for over 500 yards and 5 scores in a single game. Arizona was in the game until the final few minutes but still took a devastating blow to their season losing that game at home. Now the bus stops in Seattle as the Cats look to challenge the Huskies of Washington in a game that could switch positions for the two teams in the Pac-12 South.

Quarterbacks? You Better Believe It

This game will feature lots of quarterback talents. The problem however is that previous phrase isn’t relegated to just two players. We may end up seeing an influx of four or more in this sixty minute contest between both teams. Arizona seems to be toying with the idea of trying to use both Jerrard Randall and Anu Solomon in package settings. Ever since the injury Anu Solomon suffered earlier in the season he has had moments of improvement and other times it would appear the team would be better off sitting him on the bench and waiting for him to get his legs truly under him. Randall has been serviceable at times for the team but he continues to find difficulty fully adjusting to the run and pass option style of offense under coach Rodriguez. For Washington they won’t release their quarterback situation until kick off potentially as they are not willing to let the public know if Jake Browning is healthy enough to return or if K.J. Carta-Samuels makes another start this year. Even if Browning is in good shape to return, the fear of once again aggravating that shoulder injury is a concern. The number under center is likely to change throughout the game for both teams if the worst should happen.

Taking A Pass On The Defense

Earlier in the year, Rich Rodriguez defended his continued use of the 3-3-5 even after the injury to multiple defense stars such as Scooby Wright among others. The coach seemed confident that the defense would find their way and take care of the job they needed to accomplish as the season went on. Needless to say, that has not been the case. The passing defense last week was ripped apart like candy wrappers on Halloween night. At this point it almost seems that pride rather than good judgement is getting in the way of Rodriguez doing what is best for the team and changing the format of the unit to better put the team in position for stops and let the offense do their job and control the clock. With the amount of snaps the defense has been facing this year, it will be a miracle if any of these young men finish the season. Again, at some point the decision has to be made to put the team in a better position to fix their sloppy play. Should another big game be had by an opposing quarterback the head of Rodriguez may be in the cross hairs of Arizona fans and staff alike.

Nick Wilson Injury Problems Still A Concern

Arizona running back Nick Wilson still seems to be hampered by his injury problems that have developed since the middle part of the season. Now heading into the final month of play it would be devastating if the team lost their bell cow for any extended period of time as this is the part of the season where teams must field a full unit so they can contend for bowl games. Against Washington State Wilson had a dreadful six carries for a terrible eight yards before he eventually became little more than a set piece in an offense that needed to at least look like they had a threat in the backfield. If Wilson continues to struggle with his health and his ability to hit the gaps it is very possible that Rodriguez will use Randall at quarterback extensively as the senior has had success running the ball at the quarterback position this year and could allow the back ups at half back to find more options for them if the defense commits the idea of Randall scrambling.

The game will kick off from Husky Stadium at 8:00 PM on FS1 this Halloween night.

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