TPD On Red-Light Camera Prop 201 Defeat

On Tuesday, the Tucson Police Department issued a statment regarding the success of Proposition 201 – Photo Enforcement / Red-Light Cameras. The measure passed handily.

The statment reads in part: “In regards to Photo Enforcement/Red-Light Cameras, the city has heard the voters and the cameras will be shutting down. As a result of the passing of Proposition 201, the Tucson Police Department is communicating with the City Manager’s Office to coordinate the official date that the cameras will be turned off. When that date is made official, we will pass on the information to the community. Please remember that any citations issued before the official shut down date will be considered valid and enforced.”


  1. While I support the NO CAMERA – I also like the safety effect it put on people fearing the loss of a dollar – but stopping the moron from running an obvious red light. Solution – Add 1.5 seconds to the switch time. A car traveling 40 mph covers a 6 lane intersection in one second – implant the time increase and watch the collision rate statistics. “It’s free” and may have the same net effect – a win win win…

  2. Lets see….. there is an intersection with a red light camera. If I run the red light I might get a ticket.

    Lets see….. there is an intersection without a red light camera. If I run the red light I might be involved in a collision, destroy my car and someone else car. I might be injured or killed or someone else might be injured or killed.

    Which one has the greatest deterrent effect and which one generates the most revenue for the city?

  3. A BIG Thanks to those who got it on the ballot.Kudo’s voters!
    It’s a double edge sword this robo enforcement.My opinion that it curtails redlight runners- Thats what my experience shows me ,I really belive that it’s true.BUT !! a money scheme by the city- heck yeah- thats true!”short” yellow lights etc.Safety will be affected.AND WATCH the city/county will retaliate.Against US.More cops are needed. Hell they don’t even respond to beer runs or gasoline drive offs.The city/county piss away $$ like they are FEDS.And refuse to do basic services.Roads,Enough Cops,Twice a week garbage (member that!)
    ONE thing I like about driving in Mexico.The lights start flashing BEFORE they change.It’s a great idea.OH can’t do that it’s not DOT approved method.

  4. If this was something that they wanted it would become law the day after the election. The thieves are going to use their UN-CONSTITUTIONAL CommiNazi spying revenue enhancement law as long as they can. The prop should have also include that after the votes were tallied and verified that the camera spying citations would STOP instantly.

  5. Great job Tucson voters. You just made a HUGE error in returning same ppl who gave you the cameras. Go figure, guess you get what you ask for. What is that City voters, you get it higher fees,ore taxes soon very soon your own bond initiative.

    You asked for it by returning all good ole boy / girl network buckle up put your helmet on it will be rough rough road jeje I don’t mean the pavement that been rough for many many years.

  6. Its all about safety, right? Thought so. Use cops instead of cameras. Thought that was what their job was anyway. In all reality it was a money making scam with fast yellow lights and imaginary curb lines that now one could understand just to make some chump change for the COT and mega bucks for Red Flex.

  7. Really? I’d like to see this one challenged in court.

    There is nothing about “on the date determined by the City Manager” in the proposition. Any citation issued by these cameras after the moment the vote was certified is absolutely invalid. Any “enforcement” is illegal enforcement, performed outside of the law.

    • “…any citations issued before the official shutdown date will be considered valid and enforced.” The morons in charge should get their stories straight. Another story this morning said exactly the opposite. Tickets issued from the time the votes were counted will be voided.

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