Social Justice Mobacracy

The epitome of intellectual vacuity represented by so-called academic elites popped up at the University of Missouri in the form of communications professor Melissa Click.

The University of Missouri is a state institution, part of the government. Melissa Click, in her role as a government employee, attempted to violate the first amendment rights of a student reporter doing double as a photographer.

In the video, Melissa Click can clearly be heard screaming at the student reporter, Tim Tai, and actually attacking him by grabbing his camera: technically an assault and battery. When Tai refused to leave, Click screamed, “Hey who wants to help me get this reporter out of here. I need some muscle over here.”

This altercation occurred on public property. This is the essence of the radical socialist movement: bring in the goon squads. This is what Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Chavez, et. al., have done. This is today’s Democratic Socialist Party.

The irony of all this activity is that the source of the protests, alleged presence of KKK members on campus (proven untrue by police), a feces constructed swastika on a wall (undocumented and never found), and the false reporting of the student body president, were all hoaxes. As a result of these lies and the continuing false narrative, two men lost their jobs.

Melissa Click’s behavior can only be described as piss poor professorial performance from a mediocre instructor. She is pathetic: a typical progressive socialist political hack disguised as an academic.

Click resigned her courtesy appointment, which allowed her to serve on graduate committees for students in other academic fields. Meanwhile, she still retains her instructor position at the University.  She should have been fired and prosecuted for her actions.

Then there is Payton Head, student body president, who falsely reported the Klu Kux Klan being on campus. He was an intern for Mayor Rahm Emanual in Chicago.   It has been reported that he is a well trained intern in Obama style community organizing. He’s also from a moderately wealthy family. He admitted lying about the Klu Klux Klan.

Then there is Jonathan Butler. He went on a hunger strike because he lost his health insurance when he matriculated from undergraduate to graduate status. The University did not cause the loss; Obamacare rules mandated the loss. So Butler goes on a hunger strike until the University president is forced to resign.

Again, the radical socialist left has resorted to community organizing goon squad tactics to get their way, regardless of who gets hurt. The dishonesty of Payton Head and Jonathan Butler should be repaid by expelling them from school.  They are not worth the cost of their education. They are both spoiled little brats who should be taught a lesson: what goes around comes around.