Pima County GOP Challenges Conservatives Never Democrats

To The Editor,

When was the last time you saw the Pima County Republican Party (PCRP) actually engage a Democrat office holder? In fact the PCRP spends more time fighting Conservatives than they do as an “Opposition Party” to Democrat Liberals. Almost every time a Conservative runs for office in Pima County he/she gets a Primary. This has been the case for at least thirty years and probably more.

Probably most important of all: the Republican Party should fight tooth and nail to change our City Charter’s Election Laws that force all Council candidates to run ward-wide in a Primary, but City-wide in the General. Think abot that: Imagine if our Congressmen had to run in their Districts in a Primary, but had to run Statewide in the General. AZ would have no Democrat Congressmen in Washington because Republicans outnumber Dems in the State. But in Tucson the Dems like the system… and the PCRP doesn’t bother to fight to change the City Charter.

We tried a Charter Change in the early eighties, but our own damn party (Lew Murphy) opposed it!

Other Examples:

  1. The only County Supervisor who gets flak from our Party is Ray Carroll (remember?).
  2. When I ran in 2004 the only candidate the PCRP ran was my Primary opponent (and there were many unopposed Democrats running County wide)
  3. Remember the lack of Party effort for the Kelly for Congress Campaign? He got most of his support and donations from Phoenix and people like Joe Arpaio
  4. There has been no concentrated effort by the Party to criticize the Mayor/Council for decades (Potholes, Rio Nuevo, Rainbow Bridge, losing $25 million, etc).
  5. In fact who is the Pima County Party Chairman? And why is he/she silent on ALL issues?

Republican Conservatives in the city know they cannot win with Citywide General elections for Ward offices. Does anybody give a Damn?

Bill Heuisler

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William Heuisler attended Villanova University and the University of Arizona earning a BS in Criminal Justice. He enlisted in the US Marine Corps in 1958 and was recruited from Quantico in 1961 by the CIA as a demolitions Instructor for Anti-Castro "Operation Mongoose". He served in the 70s and 80s as a Tucson Police Officer, a Special Investigator for Tucson, Pima County and the Governor of Arizona. The Courtship of Al Capone is his 4th book about his Military and Law Enforcement experiences. He has written 4 books, which can be found on Amazon: Mercenary's Tale: Fighting Fidel Castro Nov 11, 2008 Casual Executions: Assassination in Arizona Mar 15, 2009 The Courtship of Al Capone Apr 3, 2018 Twilight Of Baboquivari: Death of a Vigilante Apr 13, 2015


  1. The Talmudic Communist Jews have infiltrated the Republican party and formed the Democratic party to destroy this once free Christian Union Republic that is why you have Social Secuiry Ponz Pyimid rape Income tax Sales tax Mrdicare Mandtory Auto Insurance,Mandatory Helth insurance and the Jewish Run Federal Reserv Bankster rapist that made you and Every American their Slave
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  2. Remember all the support Pima GOP gave Barney Brenner when he almost unseated Sharon Bronson? Yeah, me neither.

  3. Put the PCRP on notice like me. “If Jeb Bush is the candidate, I stay HOME.

    Fix this local charter and then elect a strong Mayor. Somebody needs to parent the children on the Council.

  4. The GOP leadership *and I’m saying this very loosely” has zero impact in Pima County. I’m sick of everyone rolling over and lets the Democrats run this county into the ground; nothing but excuses. It is time for some REAL CONSERVATIVE LEADERSHIP is it not.

  5. Ray Carroll is a poor example as he was a Democrat until right before he was appointed to the board by Raul Grijalva. He is a Democrat masquerading as a Republican.

  6. I made a comment on this a week or so ago and some guy resonded that the r’s DO fight but he could not give any examples. THAT is the problem, the r’s here tend to either give up, become independents and then still dont vote. The national party is always looking for $$ but you never hear anything from the state or local guys! Guess they are too busy doing NOTHING. The local challenge to the vote outcome is typical, sit back hope someone else does something then complain that they dont have any representatives. The last ones were the 2 democraps that ran as R’s and they did and are doing a great job, just remember ol wakeup and now coozychic who actually declared his true colors as a lib dem without a clue.

    • Didn’t AJ LaFaro fight them? That’s the first one I think of off the top of my head. And they censored McCain, plus a recent vote that RINOs won was almost 50-50.

  7. The Libertarian Party locally has gotten a few Republicans who have left the Republicans in disgust. We welcome anyone who is disgusted with the two 600-pound gorillas. Our platform is open enough that we are the real “Big Tent” and just about anyone can fit in and help make a difference in peoples’ liberty.

    A representative of the Green Party attended the Libertarian Party monthly meeting Tuesday evening and proposed that we two parties work together to create, or at least help create, the new election law for Tucson. I will be the Libertarian Party worker in this effort.

    Christopher Cole
    First Vice-Chair
    Pima County Libertarian Party

  8. And people leave the party in droves to the independent catagory out of discust.

    I swear the PCRP gets paid off to fade away into the wood work on purpose.

    Hopefully the recent court finding will get the ball rolling for a charter change for Ward only voting and we can get the smelly turds unglued from their chairs.

    • PS, only give money to the candidate of your choice and not one penny to the PCRP until they wake up and get their heads outta the sand.

      Hell PCRP can’t even keep precinct committee people cuzz they get fed up and bail out. And no I’m not a stinking liberal, just a fed up conservative/independent

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