Free Speech and Tender Feelings

ADI recently published an article about certain students at Northern Arizona University who feel put upon by the powers that be. According to the article these students feel that the university administration has failed “to provide security and the proper resources for its most vulnerable students, has encouraged the racial tokenization of students and faculty, has encouraged the NAU Police Department to interfere with student activism, has allowed those involved in student activism to be harassed by University employees, and has allowed these students’ reputation to be slandered by other students and faculty members.” Read more

I don’t know if the students have a legitimate gripe or not, but the article brings to mind three recent editorials on free speech:

“Useful idiots gone wild” by Robert Weissberg:

Race-related protests on American college campuses are spreading faster than head lice at a daycare center. Though each disturbance has its own idiosyncrasies, all include demands that the university recruit more black faculty and students, forcefully “re-educate” all students and faculty to expel lingering anti-black racism and then do whatever is necessary to make the campus a warm, caring and, most of all, a safe space for communities of color.

Far more is involved here than howling for school president’s head or cancelling a mid-term exam to permit traumatized students time to heal. The ruckus is entirely about pushing the university leftward, and these immature campus social justice warriors are what Lenin called useful idiots. All the nattering about diversity and dialogue is a subterfuge; these hypersensitive snowflakes and fellow traveler thugs are just the ground troops in a much larger ideological war. Read full post

“The Death of Free Speech” by Ben Shapiro:

Four in 10 young Americans have no idea what America is. That’s the takeaway from a new Pew Research poll showing that 40 percent of Americans aged 18-34 say that the government should be able to prevent people from making “statements that are offensive to minority groups.” This same group of young people has granted broad awareness to the culture of “microaggression” — unintended slights taken as grave insults by their victims; they’ve also called for “trigger warnings,” alerts that certain communications may dredge up unpleasant past memories or ideas. With such ghoulish cruelties haunting the most privileged generation in human history, naturally we’d want to toss out the bedrock of Western civilization: The right to debate, to express unpopular opinions. We wouldn’t want to offend. Unless, of course, we do. Read full post.

“Free Speech” by Walter Williams:

Recent events at the University of Missouri, Yale University and some other colleges demonstrate an ongoing ignorance and/or contempt for the principles of free speech. So let’s examine some of those principles by asking: What is the true test of one’s commitment to free speech?

Contrary to the widespread belief of tyrants among college students, professors and administrators, the true test of one’s commitment to free speech does not come when one permits people to be free to express those ideas that he finds acceptable. The true test of one’s commitment to free speech comes when he permits others to say those things that he finds deeply offensive. In a word, free speech is absolute, or nearly so.

Liberty requires bravery. To truly support free speech, one has to accept that some people will say and publish things he finds deeply offensive. Similarly, to be for freedom of association, one has to accept that some people will associate in ways that he finds deeply offensive, such as associating or not associating on the basis of race, sex or religion.

I am all too afraid that most of my fellow Americans are hostile to the principle of liberty in general. Most people want liberty for themselves. I want more than that. I want liberty for me and liberty for my fellow man. Read full post

There are times when real discrimination requires action, and there are times when freedom requires that you develop a thick skin. The trick is learning the difference.


  1. I thought that most everyone who comment’s on this thread new that this hernandez character is a DEMONcratic, BIGOTED, HYPOCRITICAL, PIOUS person that believes that IMMORAL, DECADENT, DEVIENT, sexual habit’s are a normal behavior. As far as I am concerned his comment’s here have become boorish, moronic, asinine, and most of the time only worth reading to show how far the DEMONcrates have gone in their insane agenda’s to limit Free Speech and other liberties and right’s. These spoiled brat protesters are in MO, Non Essential, Expendable and Do Not Matter.

  2. BUT, BUT, BUT how can you say that? This is just like the dems/libs and gun control. YOU MUST submit to background checks or you have something to hide, therefor as a law abiding citizen your are now a criminal because you have not bought into the corrupt scheme of ‘universal background checks for everything.

    But richard is one that also claims to have nothing to hide, but wanna bet he does not want any background checks done on him?

  3. Richard – your a bigot – but simply submit to ‘investigation’ and if there’s nothing we can find, well then your off the hook – but remember it’s us looking and our opinion deciding ‘if’ you are or not GUILTY …. no problem right? Oh well never mind – and’ we’ll be waiting to see ‘if you say anything’ for if you defend yourself, well you must be hiding something… all the more reason to ‘keep up the investigation’.

  4. I know a great many young men and women who are going to be Great Leaders in this country.
    Do you want to know why I am so certain?
    I was a Scout Master for 6 years, Why did I do this without a son in the program, I did it to help train our future leaders. I want to ask you all “How did your kids turn out”?
    Mine turned out pretty good if I must say so myself. I am sure most of you will say the same.
    If you are a good parent, you can be a good coach, mentor, Big Brother, ETC.
    We have only our selves to blame for the state of some of our youth, We have allowed them to grow up this way, If We offered our time or energy to teach them our values and morals, we wouldn’t be having this discussion today.
    I have kept in touch with a lot of my Scouts thought the years
    Over 20 of them have completed college and have good jobs (None of them took underwater basket weaving), there (2) CPA’s, (2) Engineers, (3 with Business degrees, (1) Physical Therapist and Several are teachers ) Several now own their own business, some work in construction, some of them are still in the Military and most of them have families, I am proud to know each of these young men!
    If you want to change the direction of our country, you had better start educating our youth.

  5. I put the above named “student types” at the same level as the criminal so-called “mass murderers”. Don’t name them—ever. The news interest wanes after the initial statement of “facts”. I’m straying from the subject a bit, but if you care about yer kids and want them to be educated citizens—keep them out of public “schools.”

  6. When allegations are made they must be investigated. This needs be done by non biased party(s) so that Justice is properly served.

    There has been Universities, Local,State and even some Federal Agencies that are guilty of bias actions.

    If NAU has not violated any laws, procedures then volunteer to have a honest, transparent review of any and all allegations. Simple why so much resistance? That implies something us not right!

    • So they cry jump and you say how high. News flash. Everyone and every school has a bias. EVERYONE! Everyone’s a sinner or a liar. As students you only have whiners bitching about whatever or most those that show respect to staff and fellow students while trying to get an education. The respectful students never get media time and they don’t ask for reviews or investigations. My God, “when allegations are made they must be reviewed and all allegations must be investigated?? When the hell do they learn? I don’t think even the students buy that crap. Somebody’s running for something and looking for votes and that is pretty damn obvious. No one uninformed here. Better peddle that garbage elsewhere.

  7. My personal feelings is to tell these uninformed spoiled brats no and then say if you decided to protest or disrupt this campus in anyway I will ask the Governor to bring in the National Guard to quell the protest and then expel all of you immediately and make sure that every college in the nation knows your names and denies you access. But that is just my opinion

  8. Back in the late 60’s there was a clown at the UA who was a black activist. He came into a lecture and tried to insist that the ‘blacks’ were at the short end of the stick type bs and that the blacks would rule over all. I still remember his name but will not print because it gives him and them a point of justification. The professor was a WW2 vet and right then and there put him in his place (which was to kick his ass out), and we carried on a discussion of what was said. The poor little white girl who invited him was sooooo distraught at the black guy and what he tried to do that she sat and cried for herself! These clowns have been around and to give them any creedance is an insult to the rest who actually are participating in the world as we know it. Later there was to be a BIG antiwar protest at the UAs rocks and other debries were stockpiled around the campus so that there could be a ‘unanticipated’ student uprising against authority. Well the news source (never happen today IMO) helped by NOT covering the ‘student protest’ and it went away without incident. Just like when I was overseas. Students took control of a university across from our housing area, troops called in and lived in buses etc in our housing area and the 2 sides talked and joked together. Let the news cameras come in and it was a war zone just for the tube! Dont give them the status they seek or cover their half-assed ideas and they will slink away into the nothingness where they really belong.

    The people of this country need to stand strong and up to these idiots, yes they can protest, but it needs to be about other than self and as has been in the news it is not racism, its about not wanting to work or be held accountable for anything.

  9. Here is something that may help shut the wusses up. Quit writing about them thereby giving them the limelight they want. Let them know they have all the free space they want at Reid park. They are not learning a damn thing in school anyway. How can they when they and many teachers along with them are always whining and protesting. Indoctrination is a cancer and right now it is powerfully malignant throughout our once great country.

  10. the one thing that is certain in this entire matter is ‘they can’t possibly be wrong’ for that in itself is wrong and prime example of the problem’

    ‘this know also, that in the last days perilous time shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boaster, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleases more than lovers of God, Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof from such turn away’.

    and interesting analogy? written 2000 years previous about this time.. ?

    • This is seen all the time, an example;
      The dang awards shows. There is always some stupid awards show going on.
      The ” oh look at me” crowd in show business. ” Listen to my fabulous song, my fabulous voice”
      “oh look at my fabulous body at VS”
      “oh look at my fabulous performance”
      I get so tired of these lovers of self, so shallow!
      Where are the Mother Teresa types the doctors or even the volunteers? They would inspire me a whole lot more, to go out and do more for my fellow man.
      We would do a whole lot better than the present lovers of self.

  11. The trick is that these little spoiled a$$holes don’t care about the big picture, its only about them in the here and now. What a pathetic rotten spoiled generation of future leaders that don’t have a clue. All thanks to the liberal asses that teach them this in our current educational system. All you need as proof is look at TUSD and their victimization game for the Hispanics. Its not about education its about learning how to play the victim or race card anytime the going gets tough. Microaggression my ass, if they want some microaggression come see me.

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