“A Republic We WILL Keep” Adds Vice Admiral Harward To Speakers Panel

On Sunday, Compact for American announced the addition of Vice Admiral Robert S. Harward to the luncheon speakers panel at “A Republic We WILL Keep” this Saturday, December 5, in Willcox, Arizona.

As the ADI reported earlier this month, “A Republic We Will Keep” is the ultimate year-end event celebrating Compact for America’s success in uniting the states to fix the national debt and honoring the Navy SEAL Foundation.

According to organizers, the event is about honoring those who protect the Republic domestically and internationally and having high octane, unforgettable fun enjoying the freedom they enable.

The event provides attendees with a opportunity to network high impact individuals who might not otherwise meet while forging bonds based on shared values.

Compact for America is laying the social, financial and political infrastructure needed to neutralize and overcome opposition while tackling the single greatest power held by the federal government-its unlimited borrowing capacity.

“Sponsors and attendees will enjoy the benefit of new networking opportunities, having high octane fun, building unforgettable memories, and getting a hellava deal on racing cars, shooting machine guns, cigars, drinks and meals,” said Nick Dranias.

“Combined with the unique experience offered by this one-of-a-kind event and the networking opportunities it enables, the luxurious accommodations at the JW Marriot and the preset transportation options make the distance an enjoyable Arizona adventure,” stated Jeff Utch.

Sponsors include Services Group of America, Arizona Citizens Defense League, American Legislative Exchange Council, Americans for Prosperity and Target-Factory.com.

To learn more about the December 5 “A Republic We Will Keep” visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNzSvvYnXSk

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