Murray And Sons Construction License Revoked

On November 19, 2015, the Arizona Registrar of Contractors revoked the Carpentry, Remodeling and Repair License held by Murray and Sons Construction, LLC.

Since Jan. 2015, AZ ROC received 18 complaints against the licensee for allegations ranging from poor work to abandonment.

AZ ROC’s Legal Department recently issued default orders in seven of those cases, resulting in seven revocation orders against Murray and Sons and two civil penalties totaling $1,000.

Five cases remain open and six were closed for various reasons, including complainants requesting the case be closed or other contractors completing the work.

Prior to the default orders and revocations, the license issued to Murray and Sons Construction was most recently suspended on Aug. 27, 2015 for lack of sufficient bond and remained suspended through Nov. 19, when it was revoked.

Tiffanie Ann Murray possessed 100 percent ownership of the company and Darryl Fisher was the Qualifying Party. Neither is able to obtain a license for one year from the date of revocation and must first repay any potential payouts to consumers from the Registrar’s Residential Recovery Fund, including the civil penalty.

As a result of Tiffanie Murray’s revocation on Murray and Sons Construction LLC’s license, Murray’s Landscaping Inc., a CR21 Landscaping and Irrigation Systems license, is also revoked since she was listed as the qualifying party on that license.

Paul La Chance, 47 of Phoenix, listed on many of the complaints filed against Murray and Sons Construction, is known to AZ ROC as there were seven complaints filed against him in 2009 and 2010 for unlicensed activity, poor workmanship, and failure to make repairs.

According to Agency records, of those complaints one was closed, one dismissed by the prosecutor, two resulted in issuance of a cease and desist orders and three resulted in guilt.

In one of the cases resulting in a guilty verdict, AZ ROC’s investigation led to MCAO’s charging of La Chance on one count of Contracting Without a license and one count of Advertising Without a license. The Agency’s database indicates there was a trial in absentia and he was found guilty.

According to Arizona Public Access records related to the case (JC2010-161764), the Kyrene Justice Court issued the warrant stemming from the trial. It is unknown by the Agency whetherthat warrant remains active.

AZ ROC recently opened another investigation against La Chance for Advertising Without a License as it relates to an unlicensed company, Your Coating Guys, and potentially numerous other company names illegally advertising contracting work. To note, Tiffanie Murray’s address of record begins with “Your Coating Guys.”

A recent search of the Arizona Corporation Commission’s eCorp online tool reveals no record of the business.

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