Has McCain No Shame?


John McCain is worth between 10 and 21 million, but has been sending fundraising letters to elderly Republicans begging for contributions. Has McCain no shame?

Perhaps he hopes we don’t remember how he was the only Republican in the “Keating Five”. Or maybe that we forgot how he conspired with other Senators to help  Keating’s Lincoln Savings & Loan avoid, and then delay, the Federal Home Loan Bank Board’s (FHLBB) fraud investigation for two years in 1987 and 1988 while Keating stole millions of dollars of life savings from elderly Arizonans. But some Arizonans remember how many retired people in Green Valley and Sun City in the Eighties were unsophisticated and were easy marks for Keating – who made a point of talking about his friends, Senators McCain, DeConcini, Cranston, Riegle and Glenn – as he sold hundreds of thousands in risky, unsecured bonds, saying they were FDIC “Government Insured”.  Some Arizonans remember the sorrow and hopelessness among their elderly friends when they discovered there was no Government Insurance on their stolen life savings… and when they realized they were destitute. (3) (4)

Keating’s book, “Trust Me” (1) explains in detail how Charles Keating bought Senator John McCain. In the early 80s Keating donated $112,000 to McCain’s campaigns and hosted $1000-a-plate fund raisers. For years Keating flew McCain around in private jets and on vacations to Keating’s Cat Cay Bahama Island. In 1986 Keating arranged a $359,100. Fountain Square Mall “deal” for the McCains that produced a fat yearly income. In return for the money, travel and favors John McCain delayed FHLBB regulators for years as Lincoln Savings & Loan stole the Life savings of many of McCain’s trusting, retired Sun City and Green Valley constituents. (1) (2) (3) (4)

McCain testified he was only helping a constituent, but it is very revealing that this United States Senator did not even file lawfully required Financial Disclosure Statements or attempt any reimbursements for gifts from Keating until Keating was charged and arrested for Fraud. And, of course, McCain never mentioned the $359,100. Fountain Square Mall “deal” either. More important, the Government Resolution Trust Corporation somehow “overlooked” the Fountain Square mall during the Court settlements after Charles Keating’s conviction. Few Arizonans know the McCain Estate sold (Keating’s) Fountain Square mall for 15 million in 1998.  (2)

The impossible dream is that the McCain family owes those elderly (most now dead) couples from Green Valley and Sun City millions of dollars and a better ending.

But can anyone imagine the tasteless greed and colossal nerve of Senator John McCain as he now attempts to raise more money from more elderly Arizonans?

William Heuisler, 520-403-2939 Tucson, Arizona



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William Heuisler attended Villanova University and the University of Arizona earning a BS in Criminal Justice. He enlisted in the US Marine Corps in 1958 and was recruited from Quantico in 1961 by the CIA as a demolitions Instructor for Anti-Castro "Operation Mongoose". He served in the 70s and 80s as a Tucson Police Officer, a Special Investigator for Tucson, Pima County and the Governor of Arizona. The Courtship of Al Capone is his 4th book about his Military and Law Enforcement experiences. He has written 4 books, which can be found on Amazon: Mercenary's Tale: Fighting Fidel Castro Nov 11, 2008 Casual Executions: Assassination in Arizona Mar 15, 2009 The Courtship of Al Capone Apr 3, 2018 Twilight Of Baboquivari: Death of a Vigilante Apr 13, 2015


  1. Thank you, one and all for the timely refresher course on John McCains political career in AZ. Fool me once, fool me twice. Where will the shame fall now?

  2. Thank you William. I thought the Bronfmans were the ones that made up the ozone depletion story for Dupont to hold onto the Freon sales when the patent ran out. When it did they changed from R12 to 134A.

    Marley and Licavoli are mentioned throughout the book “The AZ Project,” by Michael Wendlund. It is based on the investigation of the Don Bolles murder in the 70s. Great read. Lots of politicians.

  3. To Julie H,
    McCain came to Arizona in 1981 with a pension of $31,000 a year. His new father-in-law James Hensley had worked since 1940 for Scottsdale millionaire, Kemper Marley in Marley’s Beer and Liquor Statewide monopoly, United Liquors. Marley was connected to race tracks (Emprise) and Transamerica Wire Service (track-betting wire) through Pete Licavoli and the liquor monopoly was given by Sam Bronfman of Seagrams – both men connected to the New York, Chicago and Vegas Mafia.
    Marley donated $553,600 dollars to McCain’s four-way Republican Primary win in ’82 and the rest is history. Interestingly, to this day, nearly all the McCain money is listed in IRS reports as McCain’s wife Cindy (Hensley’s) huge stockholder-portion of United Liquors. See the Keating deal for the Fountain Square Mall – all in Hensley money, but all in McCain’s bank account.

  4. I emailed him, objecting to Oblunder’s importation of unvetted Syrian refugees, asking him as my Senator, to object to it for the sake of national security. His staff sent a standard reply with the usual blather about showing our American humanitarianism. A few days later, the terrorist attack occurred in Paris, France. I sent Senator McCain another email, asking him if he still felt the same way about allowing Syrian refugees into the US without proper vetting and he replied with the same blather. He does not represent the voice of his constituents. I now wonder if he ever did.

  5. same place bho got all his $$, from the guys who buy and sell politicians who are mostly lawyers and that should explain everything. Dont know which is a lower form of life a politician or a lawyer!

  6. honorable, adj., Guided by a sense of honor; upright, straightforward, and honest.

    It is obvious by definition that he has NO HONOR either. NO shame and no honor. Just his egotistical, pious, sanctimonious thought’s about himself. It is “hired help” like him that is bring our nation to it’s knees whether it be DEMONcrats or REPULSIVEcains.

  7. We have the demo machine in Tucson using and abusing.

    In greater Phx area you have the McCain operatives, is it any wonder why most ppl just do no vote!

    No shame it called Republicans and Democrats best solution this election cycle? All new elected folks. You can bet I will Vote for that.

  8. And to top it all off, little Johnnie got off scott free in congress when he was investigated for the help to Keating. He wasn’t censured, NOTHING. The committee told him simply don’t do it again. If it was me, I would still be in jail beside Bernie Madoff. Its time to dump this ass that continually does nothing and I mean NOTHING for the state and get some fresh new blood in DC that has not been bought yet.

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