Mitt, McCain Rally! Sunday’s Comic

Cindy McCain admits disappointing response to John & Mitt rally

Concedes tough race ahead for hubby as Roll Call lists him Number Six on roster of 10 most vulnerable U.S. Senators


My husband John has dedicated his life to serving our country. His devotion is an inspiration to our family. Now, he’s facing a difficult re-election campaign and needs your support.

This Saturday, great American — Mitt Romney — is coming to Mesa, Arizona, for a rally to kick off John’s re-election campaign. This will be an amazing event that I want to personally invite you to attend.

The distraught Cindy includes a link to reserve the tickets that previous emails claimed were “going fast.” Now she pleads, “Space is limited. This rally is for you – there is no cost to attend, so bring your friends and family!

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They called it a great crowd – they must have been referring to the character of the crowd, not the size… Multiple media outlest have reported that attendance was only about 300 hundred people in a gym that can hold about 1,000…..



  1. I’ve got news for Cindy.

    your husband stopped serving his country a long time ago. Since then he has been serving those at home and abroad, that would destroy our liberty.

    I hope he burns in hell but not before he gets a bullet between his eyes for treason.

  2. Was very funny attending. I, a Liberal Democrat was right n the front row with my wife, also Liberal. First it was amusing that they were using nearly all Liberal rock singers for their music, what no Toby Keith or Hank Williams or Ted Nugent? Yes McCain is very desperate, now adopting Trumpism is closing the border. Funny seeing virtually a minority seating director put minorities of all kinds in the small crowd behind the speakers. Cold Stoned hawking Duceys’ old stuff out front was amusing, lots of cops, why? Flake is so fake, sickening really. Jay Feely? please. All in all the freak show I expected.

  3. I wouldn’t walk across the street to see either of these losers if they were standing on my neighbor’s lawn… unless my garden hose wouldn’t hit them from my lawn.

  4. I would vote for McCain to be our first ambassador to the galaxy MACS0647-JD, which is about 13.3 billion light years away, and that may still be too close to earth.

  5. I woud have attended this rally but i had more important things to do, like clean out my cat’s litter boxes.

  6. and “LIVE from McLame loser station – It’s SATURDAY NITE LIVE! Staring Mc&Mitt – hey poncho you thin they’ like us… oh shure cisco we’re heros remember.

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