Veterans On Patrol – Helping Our Arizona Homeless

Our US military veterans represent individuals who have vowed to keep us all safe and are made up of many who have made extreme personal sacrifices to honor that commitment to us and our Constitution. Offering our military veteran a personalized hand up while asking for their contribution in providing all people in need, the tools for their own unique individual success and or survival . At the beginning of the month, I visited a homeless camp to interview the founder of a movement that was born in Phoenix, AZ. This camp was beyond anything that my inquisitive mind could have conceived. The humanitarian and honest efforts being cultivated here was what I found most inspiring about the grass roots organization called ‘Veterans On Patrol’ and it seems to be working in making a positive impact on the local community at a time when more Americans need it then ever before.

In this video, we have a very interesting conversation with patriot Lewis Arthur, the founder and current program director of ‘Veterans On Patrol’. What truly makes ‘Veterans On Patrol’ unique is that it is an outreach program that actually reaches out. While being embedded within our local community, they are helping all people who are in need of assistance, especially our many military veterans who have been neglected while seeking help through the many other means our society offers. Arthur’s vision has created a safe place where all Tucson area homeless and undernourished may receive basic services, assistance, and a meal. The primary objective of the camp is to recon the area to seek out our counties most precious resource, our homeless military veterans. This camp seems to offer a priceless personal therapy in the form of helping other unsheltered Americans through a well regimented and organized camp atmosphere.

The Tucson, Bravo Base Veterans On Patrol is a group of dedicated to filling the void where other organizations fall short and is currently an all volunteer group. Lewis describes the funding for V.O.P. to be a “Self Sacrificing Organization”. What makes ‘Veterans On Patrol’ truly unique is it is an outreach that actually reaches out while being embedded within our local communities in order to find all people who are in need of assistance, especially our many military veterans have been neglected while seeking help through the many other means.

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We also get the absolute pleasure of interviewing Houseless and Human Rights Activist, Anthony Potter who is a blogger and photographer at ‘Angry Mob Photography’. Potter is formally an active protester with the 2011-2012 Tucson Occupy Movement and currently an organizer at Tucson Homeless Bill of Rights. Anthony speaks with us about his experiences and thoughts of the VOP operations and many other subjects that are important to him concerning our city of Tucson and our world.

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The exclusive interviews were recorded on Dec 1st 2015 at the VOP Bravo base in the downtown area of Tucson, AZ. Please excuse wind and other surrounding outside sounds and noises at times such as locomotives and camping. These portions of the video interviews have been kept for extensive informational value.


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