Pima County Bond Results Show Carroll, Bronson, Valadez Lack Of Influence

It is unknown why Pima County administrator Cuck Huckelberry ordered the compilation of data generated by the failed 2015 Bond Election, but the numbers show clearly that supervisors Ray Carroll, Sharon Bronson, and Ramon Valadez have lost influence with the voters.

Carroll, Bronson, and Valadez campaigned in favor of the multiple bond measures, yet the voters in their respective districts voted in opposition to the bonds. Few expected the results due to the narrative that has been forwarded by Huckelberry’s crack public relations team. That narrative includes the implication that the supervisors are only engaging in highly questionable practices at the behest of their constituents.

In his 13 page memorandum and report, which appears to have consumed many manpower hours, Huckelberry acknowleges that the “areas that opposed the majority of the bond propositions have no common majority political party.” As a result, it is clear the the loss of confidence in the current Board is bipartisan.

Supervisors Richard Elias and Ally Miller appear to have represented the will of their constiuents. Their constituents votes align with their position on the bond.

Despite having outspent opponents to the bond, experts say that it was the relationship the supervisors have with the people in their districts that determined the outcome.

Bond Propositions Results by Board of Supervisor District

BOS DistrictSupervisorProp. 425 Roads Yes %Prop. 426 Economic Develop. Yes %Prop. 427 Tourism Yes %Prop. 428 Parks, Rec. Yes %Prop. 429 Health, Safety, etc. Yes %Prop. 430 Natural Areas, Historic Yes %Prop. 431 Flood Control Yes %
1Ally Miller48.49%37.28%33.21%40.91%39.00%38.13%47.21%
2Ramon Valadez43.76%40.05%33.90%41.70%43.27%38.08%45.21%
3Sharon Bronson44.11%37.60%32.13%39.98%40.32%37.52%45.19%
4Ray Carroll41.70%33.98%28.48%36.42%35.20%32.07%41.98%
5Richard Elias53.92%49.95%43.56%51.92%53.38%48.94%54.12%


  1. Ray Carrroll’s numbers were the worst. Voters have finally figured him out and may prefer he take his progressive politics back to Chicago. Post haste!

  2. By the numbers, Ray Carroll is fully out of touch with his District. We have a great opportunity to replace him with Marla Closen in the upcoming election cycle. Let’s get it done District 4.

  3. Im sure the fact Huckleberry fin has no clue that we figured out he wastes our tax dollars and uses them how he sees fit. Like buying church property that we don’t need and using road repair funds to build soccer fields.

  4. Got a hot tip for the Chuckster. It might also be a lack of confidence in him. He is simply the most pathetic county administrator that I have ever seen. In reality, the four bobbleheads follow him without question. Are the three named pathetic representatives of their districts? Unquestionably, but they also never tell Chuckles the clown no, or present an alternative idea to his. The statistics are as much a reflection on Chuckster’s ability as the failure of the district representatives, but I forgot that the Chuckster never accepts responsibility, its always the state’s fault. Just as with the HURF funds, its the state’s fault. The gas tax idea is the state’s fault, the state swept operating funds, the state, the state, the state. Yea, Chuck, perhaps if you can up with an original idea on occasion, it might be better for the country residents, but there is absolutely no hope of that. What a pathetic lack of accountability that the BOS have allowed the Chuckster to assume.

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