Arizona Expands Skimmer investigation

Commission Issues Orders to Nine Companies That Conduct Payment Card Industry Screening

The Department of Weights and Measures expanded the area of enhanced surveillance after finding five skimmers on gas pumps. The latest two were installed at a Circle K in Glendale (59th Avenue and W. Bell Road). Inspectors found three inearly December in northeast Phoeni (N. Tatum Road and E. Greenway; N. 32nd Street and E. Cactus).

Weights and Measures inspected more than 1,100 stations in 2015. During inspections they check the quality of the gas, the amount of gas pumped and look inside the pump for skimmers and other safety issues. There are more than 2,100 stations in the state.

If consumers pumped gas at Circle K at 59th Avenue and Bell, they should check their accounts for charges they did not make.

Consumers can protect themselves against skimmers by carefully inspecting gas pumps before inserting their cards. Many gas pumps have a sticker crossing between the pump and the pump access door near the credit card slot. If the sticker is cut or there is tape residue, notify the station attendant.

Since 2009 the Department has proactively inspected for illegally placed credit and debit card skimming devices in gas pumps. We educate gasoline retailers on ways to prevent the crime and what to do if a device is found. Once there is evidence of a crime, the business or Department notifies local police to have the skimmer confiscated.