Arizona Daily Independent Top 10 Stories Of 2015

The usual suspects found there way onto the Arizona Daily Independent Top 10 Stories Of 2015. While wolves like Major General James Post and U.S. Senator John McCain were expected to catch our readers’ interests this year, wolf attacks have surprisingly caught their interests for years.

Major General James Post might be an acceptable leader to the USAF, but with our readers – he leads the list of villainous scum….

1. Post’s comments send chill through Air Force ranks, A-10 panics ISIS

post-treason-statementThis week, as the A-10 created panic in the Middle East, Major General James Post, Vice Commander of Air Combat Command, sent fear through the ranks of the United States Air Force.

At the same time reported on a local source in Nineveh province who said that “the ‘Wild Boar’ aircraft which belongs to the U.S. Air Force has carried out four air strikes that killed and wounded dozens of ISIS elements, adding that the aircraft sparked panic in the ranks of ISIS, USAF officers were being told by Post, “if anyone accuses me of saying this, I will deny it . . . anyone who is passing information to Congress about A-10 capabilities is committing treason.”

According to multiple sources, Post claimed that the Air Force doesn’t want to scrap the A-10, but has little choice in the matter.

According to popular Air Force blog, John Q. Public, Post attempted to marginalize A-10 supporters by accusing them of “reacting emotionally” and “undercutting the CSAF’s message” of committing treason.


2. McCain shunned by majority of Maricopa County PCs

mccainArizona Senator John McCain and the Republican Party establishment suffered a major setback this weekend when Tyler Bowyer was elected the new chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Party. Bowyer defeated establishment operative Lisa Gray for the top spot.

The Maricopa County Republican Party (MCRC) statutory meeting held at Grace Community Church featured a straw poll in which Matt Salmon took first place as the candidate of preference for the seat currently held by McCain. Salmon earned 106 votes to McCain’s paltry 39 votes.

Just recently McCain told AP reporters that he still thinks, “I have a lot to do.” In a telephone interview with the Associated Press McCain said, “I’m most likely going to run for re-election.”


3. Independence High School bookstore manager embezzled over $70K

independence-high-schoolThe Office of the Auditor General informed the Arizona Attorney General on February 23, that it had conducted a special investigation of the Glendale Union High School District and Shannon May, who had worked for the as the Independence High School bookstore manager from September 2006 to May 2010. May admitted to forging an administrator’s signature on a check for her personal use.

It started with questions about one check and the investigation uncovered over $70,000 in embezzled funds.


4. Arizona primary ballot box stuffing caught on tape

A. J. LaFaro, Chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Committee testified at the 2013 hearings before the Arizona State Legislature regarding election reforms that eventually became HB-2305. At the time of its passage, opponents claimed the law would suppress the vote and disenfranchise the mostly Hispanic community.

In February 2014, the Arizona Legislature, caving to pressure from special interests groups, repealed the law.

Fast forward to August of 2014, and it appears as if the fears of those who initially supported the legislation were real; not the delusions or right wing kooks.

According to LaFaro, during the August 26th Primary election cycle, he “worked long hard days, for three weeks straight, with the Maricopa County Elections Department and all the wonderful citizen volunteers.” In his capacity as the official representative for the Republican Party, LaFaro says he participated in every aspect of the election cycle including observing logic and accuracy tests, and the early ballot process. LaFaro acted as a poll watcher and served on the count audit board and signed off on the unofficial final election results that were canvassed by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.

LaFaro says he worked to “protect our elections and the integrity of the vote.”


5. Post’s Comments Generate Calls for Congressional Hearing

Comments made by Major General James Post, Vice Commander of Air Combat Command, that “anyone who is passing information to Congress about A-10 capabilities is committing treason” has sent shock waves through the USAF and the military ranks in general. As a result, there is a growing demand for congressional hearings on the matter.

The USAF is waging a full-on disinformation war on the A-10 and the free speech of the airmen appears to be the first casualty.
As part of the war, during a January 15 address, Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James, said the A-10 Warthog has performed 11 percent of US Air Force sorties against the Islamic State militant group, also known as ISIS, according to Defense News.

What James left out of her message was that the A-10 did not arrive on the scene until November, James also failed to mention that the USAF sent only sent 4 percent of the fleet with only a fraction of the spare parts needed for the mission.

So not only did the USAF keep the most effective close air support platform out of the fight, they are relying on its late arrival to the fight to make it appear less effective than the boots-on-the-ground know it to be.


6. Wolf attacks on humans in North America

A recent ADI article by Mark Finchem on the Mexican Grey Wolf brings to mind some enviro-hype about wolves in general.

I have often heard the claim by environmentalists that there has never been a documented attack on humans by wolves in North America. That claim is untrue as I will demonstrate. Wolf attacks on humans are rare as are attacks by mountain lions and bears, but they do occur. Somewhat more common are apparent “stalkings” by wolves, especially of children in rural areas (see the Catron County Wolf Hotline for incidents involving the Mexican Gray Wolf in New Mexico). Quite common, however, are incidents of predation by wolves on sheep and cattle.


A sad story about a homicide in Tombstone has few reads until that is a ghost hunting television show featured it, and then it went viral…..

7. Tombstone man arrested after fatal shooting of Birdcage Theater employee

On Wednesday July 9, 2014 at approximately 1:16 pm, the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office was advised of a shooting which had just occurred in the Tombstone area. The Tombstone Marshal’s Office requested the assistance of the Sheriff’s Office in this investigation.

Sheriff’s Deputies responded and discovered 74 year old Leroy Colomy who was deceased in front of a residence on Safford Street between 6th and 7th Streets. Leroy Colomy has been a beloved part of the Birdcage Theater staff for over 20 years. The initial investigation reveals that the victim was at the residence on Safford Street when he was approached by 60 year old Barry Chappell in front of the home.


8. Yavapai County Wrong Way Police Sergeant Arrested

On November 15, 2015, at approximately 11:00 p.m., a Yavapai County Sheriff Office deputy arrested 45-year-old Chris Stuart Harper for extreme DUI. The deputy stopped Harper for driving the wrong way and directly towards his police vehicle on Glassford Hill Road and Centre Court, Prescott Valley.

The deputy learned Harper had apparently turned out of the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant parking lot heading the wrong way on Glassford Hill. Harper admitted consuming a six pack of beer at the restaurant and indicated he was driving back to a nearby hotel. Based on field sobriety tests, the deputy determined Harper was DUI. Harper later submitted to a breath test which produced results of .25/.24 – more than 3 times the legal limit.


9. Pima County Sheriff’s Drastic Double Dipping 

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik has been accused of many things, but one thing that he is not is disloyal. Whether protecting the likes of mass shooter Jared Loughner, a son of a Pima County employee, or “finding” jobs for his long-time friends, Dupnik is – if nothing else – loyal.

Nowhere is that loyalty more evident than on the Pima County Sheriff’s payroll. A recent article in the Arizona Daily Independent regarding Dupnik’s practices, or lack thereof, since announcing his retirement, generated a lot of comments. One commenter, who listed the names and duties of Dupnik’s double-dipping friends, forced further investigation. For the most part, according to sources, his comment was very accurate.

Earlier in her tenure, Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller was the first to focus attention on the double-dipping Department. She pointed out the fact that while deputies were woefully underpaid, Dupnik had a high number of highly paid administrators under him.


10. TUSD Culturally Relevant Classes Found Noncompliant 

tusd-chicano-history-in-picturesToday the Arizona Department of Education sent a notice of noncompliance to the Tucson Unified School District stating that one or more of its classes are in violation of A.R.S. §15-112. If the District is not in compliance with A.R.S. § 15-112 by March 4, 2015, ADE will determine whether to withhold 10 percent of the monthly apportionment of state aid that would otherwise be due to the district until the violations are corrected.

A review of the class materials clearly showed a lack of rigor and balance.

The ADE’s finding comes after the courses’ developer, Dr. Augustine Romero admitted that the classes that had been found to violate State law were in fact, back in the District. Romero made the admission while being confronted by former Mexican American Studies teachers at the National Association of Multi-Cultural Educators conference in Oro Valley, Arizona earlier this year.



    • Billy, I think the top story of the year was the stinging defeat of the BILLION dollar bond issue by the taxpayers both liberal and conservative. It will have many ramifications for the good old boys and the BOS next year. If you will note they are still trying to push through the Sonoran Corridor project and it still loops south past Don Diamond land. Look at the route on the map and it goes right through two privately owned pieces of land. I would like to know who owns each, but that is a story for another day. Happy New Year.

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