The Chemistry Of Hangovers

It’s almost New Year’s Eve, and many will be ringing in 2016 with champagne, wine, beer and cocktails. But for those who overindulge, the next day is accompanied by another tradition: the New Year’s Day hangover.

In this episode of Reactions, the American Chemical Society took a look at the chemistry behind the lousy effects of a hangover and offer some tips to limit its symptoms.

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  1. does oxygen get rid of a hangover… ehhhhh – the ol talk is ‘i flew and we used to take the oxygen etc. ‘ at the hospital if you give high amounts of oxygen, which is used for head injury treatment along with hyperventilation and medication to decrease the pressure within the skull – by shrinking the vessels of the brain as a bodies reaction to the high oxygen, ‘thus fixing the hangover’ is as simple as breathing oxygen in large amounts. Might help – clear the webs and might help the headache, but that’s not a sure deal.

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