F-35 Passes Towing Test! Sunday’s Comic

F-35 Officials Prove Need for Cyber Testing by Cancelling One

Realistic weapon testing has come under assault yet again.

The troubled F-35 recently hit another snag when, as first reported by Politico, the Joint Program Office (JPO) refused to proceed with the required cyber security tests of the F-35’s massive maintenance computer, tests needed to determine the computer system’s vulnerability to hackers. The JPO argued that such realistic hacker tests could damage the critical maintenance and logistics software, thereby disrupting flights of the approximately 100 F-35s already in service. But that simply raises obvious and disturbing questions about what could happen in combat. But on the broader question of how DoD buys weapons today, this is a clear demonstration of the folly of approving production on expensive systems long before they have been fully designed and thoroughly tested, a now common practice on almost all major Defense procurements.

The scheduled cyber tests target the vulnerability of the F-35 Autonomic Logistics Information System (ALIS). According to Lockheed Martin’s website, ALIS “integrates a broad range of ……

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