Chuck And Sean Head For New Shadows: Sunday’s Comic

Sean Noble and Chuck Coughlin strategize

Political Consultants Will Scramble Under New FCC Light

Cockroaches, otherwise known as political consultants will be scrambling to find new dark places to hide after the Federal Communications Commission this week adopted rules to require cable operators, satellite television (DBS) providers, and broadcast radio and satellite radio licensees to post their public and political files to the FCC’s online public inspection file database.

Now, organizations like Sean Noble’s “American Encore,” dubbed a “washing machine” by the Arizona Politics blog, which ran “the dark money portion of Doug Ducey’s Arizona gubernatorial campaign, funneling money to various groups which – combined with AE’s own ads – resulted in more than $3.3M in anonymized spending,” will have to work in the sunlight.

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  1. the FCC now a policing department? How do they know? Does this drive the underground further into the ground. Does this commo the reality beyond the reach of people? Untold effects can have consequence.

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