National Popular Vote Compact Sets Dangerous Precedent

By Jim O’Connor

Very soon the Arizona Legislature will consider HB 2456 and SB 1218. There are numerous arguments in opposition to these bills:

The NPV is unconstitutional.

Members of our State House & Senate need to consider the unintended consequences of joining a coalition of states, which set out to exploit the “compact mechanism” of the U. S. Constitution, to create “national change” permitted only through the “Amendment” process.

For its intended purposes the NPV Compact is not suited for State action, as it is far more than an agreement between two states or among several states, which is historically the appropriate application of “compacts” under our U. S. Constitution.

If passed, these Bills will cause Arizona to become the first “Red State” to join 10 Democratic States & D. C. in their coalition through use of a “compact” which currently controls 165 Electoral Votes.

Arizona conducts Presidential Preference Primary elections for its citizen voters to determine who wins the popular vote within our state, and Arizona “electors” are duty bound to cast their Electoral Votes for the winner. Is it the jurisdiction of our legislature to turn over Arizona’s Electoral Votes to a group of states with dissimilar interests to those of Arizona?

The NPV Compact will effectually circumvent the “safeguards” provided by the Electoral College, which has preserved our great republic for the past 240 years.

Our U. S. Constitution provides a deliberate mechanism to set obstacles between the will of the popular majority and the minority needing protection from it.

The NPV Compact will accelerate fraud, not reduce it. Democrats control big cities and blue states. History shows they turn a blind eye to voter fraud.

Those same big cities and blue states will dominate the popular vote, as campaign messaging together with more “free stuff” would be focused on high density urban areas.

States rights will be further undermined by an NPV Compact, in that 35 of our 50 states would be ignored by Presidential candidates as their state electoral votes would not be needed.

Legislators contemplating support for these Bills please consider the counsel of John F. Kennedy, “Don’t ever take a fence down until you know the reason it was put up.” Our Founding Fathers strategically placed “fences” within our Constitution for balancing power among the branches of the federal government and the states

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