Pima County Facebook Patrol: Sunday’s Comic

According to Supervisor Ally Miller, Pima County District 1, Pima County administrator Chuck Huckelberry is coming after her for her Facebook postings. According to the crack reporters at Tucson News Now, Pima County has issued a stern warning to its elected officials about deleting posts on government social media sites.”

Does that mean if residents ask supervisors Ray Carroll, Richard Elias, Sharon Bronson, and Ramon Valadez why they keep spending our money on their cronies’ projects, that the posting can’t be deleted? Oh, and don’t forget the Pima County Facebook page!


  1. Humans going up in the balloon being manufactured here in Tucson by World View will pay $75,000, further evidence that Pima County taxpayers are being taken for a ride!

  2. How come Gabby Giffords didn’t have security team at the shopping parking lot at Safeway to have protection of citizens and political rallies? Is that why their was a shooting or forgotten to tell the public?

  3. Hey Huckleberry, I want to build the worlds largest firearms store, firearms training facility and gun range right here in Pima County. Can I borrow $15 million? No? But what about Mark Kelly? You gave him $15 million to do his carnival ride company. Is it because I’m not bald? Is it because 2nd Amendment rights bother you? Is it because I could ACTUALLY turn a profit and make a sustainable business here in Pima County instead of that STUPID balloon ride project?

  4. This is why Chuck Huckleberry is the second highest paid County administrator in the Country! $320 thousand dollars per year.

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