Tucson’s Leadership On Art: Sunday’s Comic

City Of Tucson To Unveil Garbage Can Art

As they do with their finances, Tucson leaders in their continuing effort to make bad garbage look good, announced on Friday that on February 5, 2016, the City of Tucson garbage department will unveil and begin delivery of five big metal garbage bins that have been painted with murals.

The City of Tucson garbage department used hard earned taxpayer dollars to contract with the Tucson Arts Brigade to coordinate the pathetic project. Additional funding was provided by the Graffiti Resource Council in Washington, DC.

Five Tucsonans have designed and painted the garbage cans which will be provided to businesses to the few businesses that remain in the located in areas that have a high potential for graffiti and tagging. The City, working with the Tucson Arts Brigade hopes the program will also improve urban aesthetics and ultimately save taxpayers money on graffiti abatement.

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  1. I miss the Wild West days when the people of any town could simply run a crooked politician out of town on a rail, tarred & feathered. That’s so much easier than a recall election.

  2. Tucson the community garbage bins flock to from around the world for beautification. One big problem is that this is another stupid idea that could only come from the city council. at least they didn’t count this in the jobs created reports. although I am sure TREO(or whatever their current name is) will take credit for some jobs.

  3. Is there any doubt why City is on brink of Bankruptcy? Sprinkle in TUSD, awe we are doomed since City Voters put the stooges back on Council.

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