Maricopa County Helps Homeless and At-Risk Veterans

Maricopa County agencies were on hand to provide services and information to homeless and at-risk military veterans at the Maricopa County StandDown event on January 29. It was held at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix.

Workforce Connections, a program of Maricopa County’s Human Services Department, informed veterans about services that help them transition from military to civilian life.

“One of the greatest things about StandDown is veterans can find job help, insurance and legal matters under one roof,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman, Clint Hickman, District 4. “This is a group of people that served our country and we won’t ignore them when they need a hand up.”

At the StandDown event, veterans received resume writing tips, such as “demilitarizing” their resumes for civilian employment. For example, they were advised to translate military ranks (their job titles) to language more widely understood by non-military employers.

“Our veterans have selflessly served our country,” said Maricopa County District 5 Supervisor Steve Gallardo. “We honor their military service and their sacrifice by providing them with the help that some may need to successfully reintegrate into our community, such as assistance finding jobs or housing.”

Maricopa County’s justice courts were also available to assist veterans with handling court issues. Justices of the peace and judges quashed warrants and ordered community service so veterans were able to have their driving privileges reinstated on the spot.

“Keeping a job in Maricopa County almost always requires driving,” said Hickman. “Clearing up minor offenses and getting these men and women back in the workforce is key to their well-being and that of the county.”

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  1. the ‘fee’s from even a minor offense can balloon to thousands and thousands of dollars because the state does not stop adding additional fines to the point it becomes repressive to the people; so they need help. That’s an interesting topic in itself. The state knows its’ doing this, so much so they offer this assistance? I’ve had this happen to me – for a minor ‘crack in my windshield’ ticket – which was repaired on time – perfectly – end result of that ‘clustercopulation of state actions’ in excess of $1,500.00 fines! for nothing… I had the resources to uncopulate their actions – how many don’t. If they know this is the case, why don’t they fix it? Because they want to milk you for the money is why – technocratic theft. Criminal activity with a cloaking device on, that of Justice and a Judge performing their duty of Judge – ‘give me the money or else – I don’t care what happen or how you got here – MONEY NOW or else more fines and consequence. This is the nation we now live in.

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