McSally Joins Effort To Blunt Boycott Of Israel Products

On Friday, Arizona Representative Martha McSally joined Representative Doug Lamborn of Colorado in the introduction of legislation, The Fair Treatment of Israel in Product Labeling Act, to prevent the discrimination of Israeli-produced goods. Recently, the Obama Administration issued a memorandum stating it is “not acceptable” to label goods coming from Israeli companies in the West Bank and Gaza Strip as having been produced in “Israel.”

Instead, the issuance required those products contain the labeling, “West Bank” or “Gaza strip,” facilitating the boycotting of Israeli goods produced there.

“With their guidance, the Administration is making it easier for companies and people to execute a politically motivated and harmful boycott of Israel,” said Rep. McSally. “The Administration’s actions will hurt Israelis, Palestinians, and relations between our two countries. Israel is one of our strongest allies and the only real democracy in the Middle East. Instead of undermining Israel, we need to show we stand with them. I thank Congressman Lamborn for his efforts and all the cosponsors of this bill for their support.”

“I am pleased to stand with Israel today by introducing the Non-Discrimination of Israel in Labeling Act,” said Congressman Doug Lamborn, one of the bill’s co-leads. “This bill secures Israel’s right to label its products, including in the settlements, which protects both Palestinian and Israeli interests and jobs. I am glad to be working with Congresswoman McSally on this important legislation.”

Fridays legislation continues efforts to support Israel and protect against political boycotts of Israel. She cosponsored the United States-Israel Trade and Commercial Enhancement Act, legislation that firmly establishes U.S. policy as opposed to boycotts of Israel while requiring additional reporting from the Administration about companies that participate in such boycotts. The bill also provides important legal protections for American companies operating in Israel.

Read the full bill text HERE.


  1. Israel is “Israel” all of it, including what has been given back remains Israel. I’d say this choice makes the president appear to be an Anti-Semitic bigot – God Bless Israel – God Bless America

  2. It is downright silly for the Obama Administration to insist on labeling products from the Gaza Strip in an effort to punish Israel. The Gaza Strip has not been controlled by Israel for many years, and absolutely no products produced there…if such exist…would ever be labeled “Made in Israel.”

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