State Land Squatters Evicted, Charged

52-year-old David Ramsey of Mesa was arrested for 2 counts of Criminal Trespass , one count of Criminal Littering. 53-year-old Irene Madrigal from Morristown was cited same charges,both have been released.

David Ramsey, age 52, from Mesa was arrested for 2 counts of Criminal Trespass and a single count of Criminal Littering and 53-year-old Irene Madrigal from Morristown was cited and released on the same charges.

A few days prior to January 29, Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office was notified by a landowner in Castle Hot Springs that 2 persons had been driving through his land, posted no trespassing, to access State Trust Land and private property. The 2 involved were later identified as Ramsey and Madrigal and they had earlier occupied the landowner’s private property without permission. After a warning from Sheriff’s deputies regarding the original trespassing complaint, Ramsey and Madrigal moved to nearby State Trust land. They resided there for at least 2 weeks before moving again after warnings from law enforcement. Both Ramsey and Madrigal continued to claim they were living on these various sites with permission from landowners, including someone with a mining claim. Deputies verified that all these claims were unfounded.

When the deputies checked the State Trust land following this latest complaint, they found loads of property and garbage at the site previously occupied by Ramsey and Madrigal. After confirming the site belonged to the Arizona State Trust Department, deputies searched and eventually found the pair nearby occupying a portion of private property without permission. Ramsey and Madrigal were directed to remove all debris from State Trust Land and vacate the private property. The pair eventually complied and cleaned up the area.

Ramsey and Madrigal’s refusal to heed warnings from property owners and law enforcement over the course of this time period resulted in a criminal investigation and their January 29th arrest on the indicated charges.

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