Maricopa County Animal Care Partners With Midwestern University

On Wednesday, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors approved an agreement between Maricopa County Animal Care & Control (MCACC) and Midwestern University. The agreement is intended to help students currently enrolled in Midwester’s Veterinary Medicine program, and at the same time providing medical and other services to MCACC’s shelter animals.

“When collaborations like this happen, everyone wins,” said Chairman Clint Hickman, District 4. “Our animals get needed care and services, and the students get hands-on training working with animals that are in the greatest need of care.”

Midwestern University offers a 4-year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.) program for qualified candidates. The agreement, which is effective today through June 30, 2017, allows students (as part of their educational modules, and supervised by veterinarians) to provide diagnostic and medical attention such as dental procedures, spay and neuter, and grooming on an as-needed basis to specifically selected MCACC animals.

Veterinary care will be done in accordance with veterinary standards of practice set by the American Veterinary Medical Association, and animals will receive disease evaluations and medical treatment not provided by MCACC. Once procedures have been performed, the animals will return to MCACC’s shelters for adoption.

District 5 Supervisor Steve Gallardo said, “Expanding the resources available to our county shelters is a huge help for the shelters, and will benefit the students too. Well cared-for animals are more likely to get adopted, and we certainly hope that’s a result of this program.”