Worsley, Pierce, Driggs, Begay Protect Sanctuary Cities

Arizona State Republican senators Bob Worsley, Steve Pierce, Adam Driggs, and Carlyle Begay joined Democrats in voting to protect Sanctuary Cities like Tucson and Phoenix. The bill, SB1378, failed on a 13 to 17 vote on Monday.

The bill would prevent the Arizona Treasurer from sending state shared revenue to sanctuary cities. Those monies includes highway funds and other taxes.

“Arizona’s cities and counties receive a portion of state revenues from several sources through revenue sharing programs. The largest source of shared revenue for cities and counties is Urban Revenue Sharing (URS), which was established by a voter approved ballot initiative,” reads the legislative overview. “URS provides a proportion of individual and corporate state income taxes to cities and counties based on their proportional population. The second largest source of shared revenue for cities and counties is the transaction privilege tax (TPT), a portion of which is also distributed based on population. Cities and counties also receive shared revenue through the vehicle license tax (VLT) and the Highway User Revenue Fund (HURF), where various fees and taxes on vehicles and fuels are deposited.”

Begay did not join senators Worsley, Pierce, and Driggs, in the 14-15 vote to kill SB1017. That bill would have allowed Arizona cities to issue residents cards to access municipal services, but those cards could not be used as a form of identification.

According to the legislative overview, “Nonoperating identification licenses issued by the Motor Vehicle Division of the Arizona Department of Transportation (MVD) pursuant to A.R.S. § 28-3165 must satisfactorily prove name, date of birth, sex, address of residence and lawful presence in the United States. Nonoperating identification licenses issued by MVD are used solely for identification purposes.”

Currently, “MVD is prohibited from issuing or renewing a driver license or nonoperating identification license for any person who cannot satisfactorily prove authorized presence in the United States authorized under federal law (A.R.S. § 28-3153). MVD must verify the social security number provided by the applicant is valid and assigned to the applicant pursuant to A.R.S. § 28-3158.”

SB1378 vote:

Member NameVoteMember NameVoteMember NameVote
Sylvia AllenYNancy BartoYCarlyle BegayN
David BradleyNJudy BurgesYOlivia Cajero BedfordN
Lupe ContrerasNAndrea DalessandroNJeff DialY
Susan DonahueYAdam DriggsNSteve FarleyN
David C. FarnsworthYGail GriffinYKatie HobbsN
John KavanaghYDebbie LeskoYBarbara McGuireN
Robert MezaNCatherine MirandaNLynne PancraziN
Steve PierceNMartin QuezadaNAndrew C. SherwoodN
Don ShooterYSteve SmithYBob WorsleyN
Steve YarbroughYKimberly YeeYAndy BiggsY
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