Court Rules DREAMERs Must Be Eligible For Arizona Licenses

On Tuesday, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in California ruled that Arizona must allow young illegal entrants to obtain an Arizona driver’s license.

The Court issued a 42-page opinion which found that the youths “suffered irreparable” harm from Arizona’s policy.

A federal judge in Phoenix issued a permanent injunction in the case in January 2015.

In 2012 under the Obama Administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy, illegal youth commonly referred to as DREAMers, were allowed to temporarily stay in the country, get work permits and in nearly all states get drivers licenses.

In August of 2012, Governor Jan Brewer issued an executive order denying dreamer’s driver’s licenses.

Also on Tuesday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced 22 amicus briefs have been filed in the U.S. Supreme Court supporting Texas’ lawsuit against the Obama Administration’s executive action on immigration. The briefs include input from Texas Governor Greg Abbott and other governors, U.S. Senators and the U.S. House of Representatives, former U.S. Attorneys General, and federal court scholars, among others.

“This lawsuit to stop President Obama’s illegal immigration policy is about a concept as old as the nation’s founding – the separation of powers,” Attorney General Paxton said. “These amicus briefs represent the growing national opposition to the Obama Administration’s unilateral action. No president has the power to override the will of the People as vested in our Constitution, and I look forward to taking this case before the highest court later this month on behalf of 26 states.”


  1. It is called “padding voter registration”. Just as dangerous, they will be next to you on the Arizona roads; make sure you have enough coverage on your car insurance.

  2. Well, guess that’s it for an Arizona driver’s license to be any kind of valid ID. Don’t take any checks, people.

  3. Well lets see, they can get and AZ license IF they go back to their home countries get a license there and then comeback and apply here. Lots of foreigners get licenses this way, oh thats right they dont want to go back to where they came from. Well guess what its a states privilege to drive, so go to a state that caters like kalif.

  4. Dear 9th Circuit: You’re right-
    there is irreparable harm-
    to the legal Taxpayers.</P?

    I haven’t seen a single study- even
    from a liberal, which documents that
    illegal aliens are WORSE off here in
    the United States than where they came
    from. (and if they were, wouldn’t they
    return to where they are legally entitled
    to live?
    Make no mistake however; many illegal aliens
    do suffer as sex slaves/ prostitutes/ and criminals
    as a result of their or their parents decision
    to knowingly invade our sovereign land.

  5. What’s next, free internet and homes and cars for these law breaking illegals at the expense of legal citizen tax payers.

    If you are illegal– you are illegal and get nothing from the country you are illegal in, if ur a terrorist, you are a terrorist–irregardless of your stinking color.

    Only in America that law breakers get a free pass with benafits and freebees, makes me want to puke.

  6. It’s time for State’s respecting the Constitution start ignoring federal unconstitutional mandates just as the liberal sanctuary cities and states ignore Constitutional federal law.

  7. As the State’s are the one’s that print and distribute the Licenses and also bear the cost of doing so, it is a “State’s Right” to decide who gets one. And as many people believe it is a “Privilege” and NOT a “Right” they can deny one to anyone that they please.

    Time for the people of the Individual States to tell the feds to “kiss this” when it comes to their “Constitutional Right” to decide who is allowed to “Immigrate into their State”, per “Section 9, 1st Clause”, of the COTUS and who is eligible for a drivers License.

    It is obvious by last night’s insanity by the people of Wisconsin that many still do not see that we will never stop the Invasion of these Criminal, Illegal, Alien, Invaders unless we get Trump as our next President, as I believe he is the only one that will keep his word to STOP THEM and build the wall…..GO TRUMP, GO TRUMP, GO TRUMP.

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