Oro Valley Struggling In Peak Season, Investment Still Failing

Oro Valley Mayor Satish Hiremath, and Town Manager Greg Caton before Caton left town for Colorado.

The March numbers are in on Oro Valley’s El Conquistador Country Club and golf course investment, and once again the Town is falling short from its forecasts. Documents acquired from the Town of Oro Valley show that the revenue projections for March 2016 missed their forecast by $70,635.

The forecasted projections, which were revised on March 7, called for $296,200 in revenue, where the actual revenues published earlier this week were $216,565. Interestingly enough the forecast for member dues was increased from $80,000 to $110,000. In actuality there were 5 less members in March then in February.

At last week’s meeting, Councilmember Mary Snider made what some considered to be a baseless and bizarre claim that Councilmember Mike Zinkin’s inquiries as to the Town’s financial situation, which she described as “constant negativity,” were causing this investment not to succeed.

Snider’s highly questionable claims did not end with that. Snider stated, “I would just like to make it clear to the public that the term losses is being used up here – there are no losses. We have an asset; it has expenses and revenues and those might not be in balance through the year but there is no money being lost. No dollars being lost by the Town of Oro Valley over this operation.” Contrary to that claim, the Town is losing money on the operation, but the majority of the Council voted to raise taxes to hopefully cover that loss. At this point, even with the tax increase Town losses could be $2.1 – $2.5 million, which is well over the $2 million projected.

Community and Recreation Center StatisticsFebruaryMarch
Membership total1,1821,175
Community & Recreation Center918916
Total visits (Community Center)1,1828,114
Total fitness class participants2,2042,515
Summary of Golf Rounds
Member Revenue$93,389$92,475
Non-member Revenue$128,739$124,090
Total Golf Revenue$222,128 (includes membership dues)$216,565 (includes membership dues)
Daily Rounds2,7452,873
Member Rounds2,2982,736
Tournament Rounds371263
Complimentary Rounds471 Rounds (449 comp rounds are EZLinks and GolfNow prepaid times)487 (457 comp rounds are EZLinks and GolfNow prepaid times)
Total Rounds (daily participants + member participants)5,8856,359
Average per Round (Member)$40.64$33.80
Average per Round (Non-Member)$41.32$39.57

*The average per round is calculated by taking the total revenue and dividing it by the total golf rounds for members and non-members

Golf Memberships as of 3/31/16February ResidentFebruary Non-ResidentMarch ResidentMarch Non-Resident
Family Golf724704
Individual Golf794804
Junior (under 50) Golf9181
Afternoon Golf862842
Over age 90 (no dues/grandfathered)7060
Total Golf Memberships253+11   TOTAL 264248+11    TOTAL 259
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