12 Times Deported, Home Invasion Results In Short Sentence

Convicted smuggler, Daniel Jupa-Fino, had been deported 12 times when he was arrested in in May 2015 for two Tucson home invasions. On Monday, Jupa-Fino was sentenced to a mere 7.5 years by Pima County Superior Court Judge Kenneth Lee after pleading guilty to only 2 counts (count #14 and count #25) of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Jupa-Fino first made headlines in 2013, when he was arrested in Pinal County for smuggling marijuana. At the time of his 2013 arrest, Jupa-Fino, age 21, from Sonora, Mexico had been previously deported 11 times during a three year period for illegal entry into the United States. He received a sentence of 2.5 years in that case.

According to the State, a 12 year old victim has required counseling. During her interview with officials, she “relived the trauma of the event. She talked about how it “really scared me.” And told the interviewer “when I really talk about it, it, it’s like it’s gonna happen again.”

The mother has since “put an alarm system in her house because she now lives in fear. The family was taken down by three masked and armed men, interested in drugs and money. They were in mortal fear at the time and still live in fear,” according to the State’s Sentencing Memorandum.

According to the Sentencing Memorandum, Jupa-Fino’s past conviction “and the current, armed home invasion looking for drugs and money is consistent with one who is involved deeply in the drug trade.”

The second student has since moved away from Tucson. According to sources, students are ripe targets for criminals like Jupa-Fino. Students are known to have many expensive electronic gadgets that are easy to sell.

According to the second student’s mother, her son is “very disappointed that this chronically deported felon received only 7.5 years for two home invasions which were committed just 3 weeks after being released quite early from his prison sentence stemming from his 2013 conviction in Pinal County. Jupa-Fino should have been in prison until January of 2016. Why the early release? Further, we were under the impression he could have been handed 30 years for these two home invasions that he committed in May of 2015, so needless to say my son was extremely disappointed with the mere 7.5 years that Judge Lee determined was sufficient.”

“The timing of this crime for my son was unbelievably unfortunate,” continued the mother. “ The home invasion occurred May 1, and then approximately one week later were his college finals. Once finals were over he moved out of state to be with his family for the summer and is now attending college in this state. Last summer though, he was unable to sleep and was in a bad place psychologically. Each time he’d try to sleep, the home invasion scene played in his mind. A crime with masked gunmen kicking in your front door and being, robbed of your cell phone, wallet and car keys and being held, face down on the ground, at gunpoint by people who are screaming in Spanish holding two semi-automatic handguns and an AR-15 style rifle takes a toll on a person–no matter their age. My son spent last summer in some intense counseling up until just a few days before starting college out here. He is doing great now, but, I know he will never forget the viciousness of this crime. Now, to add insult to injury, it doesn’t help that Jupa-Fino only got 7.5 years in prison. We pray to God that he serves every last day of those 7.5 years. We were told that once he is out, he will be “turned over to ICE.” What does that mean? Another deportation and then another re-entry? The people of Arizona–especially Tucson– should be on alert.”

“We are sure this is one of many similar criminals in the revolving door known as “our borders.” Someone in Tucson ought to be checking in with TPD every day to see how many home invasions occurred the previous night. TPD had to create a whole separate Home Invasion Unit to handle the numbers of home invasions that are occurring there now. But nobody knows this stuff, not until they, or a family member is the victim or unless someone is shot or killed in the commission of a Home Invasion, then it might get into the newspapers. It’s a big deal and we believe the U of A students who are living off-campus are victims more than they realize. They are sitting ducks with all of their desirable electronic devices–iPads, iPods, iPhones, computers, cell phones, gaming devices, etc.” The mother concluded, “Tucson residents really need to be on high alert knowing that people like Daniel Jupa-Fino are walking among them.”

According to the State’s Sentencing Memorandum:

At 12:02 a.m. on May 1, 2015, a Tucson woman heard a knock at her door and asked who was there. The person on the other side of the door replied “Luis.” Luis is the woman’s son, so she opened the door. Instead of her son, she found 3 masked men armed with two semi-automatic handguns and an AR-15 style rifle. The men pushed their way into her home and pointed the guns at the woman, her 12 year old daughter, and two men in the home.

Jupa-Fino and his accomplices demanded money and drugs, and made the woman and the men get on the ground. They made the woman crawl to another room, and they made the two men go to the bedroom.

The woman started faking a panic attack. The victims could hear the suspects saying in Spanish that they thought she was dying, “let’s go, let’s go.” The suspects left with cellphones, 1 laptop, and the 12 year old’s red camera. They also pulled the television off the wall, but did not take it with them.

At 12:30, a 21-year–old University of Arizona student heard a knock on the door, looked out the window and saw a man with a gun wearing a mask pointing a gun at him. The door was immediately kicked in, and 3 masked men came in the house again armed with the two handguns and rifle. The student and his roommate heard the men saying something about money in Spanish. The men made the student and his roommate, also a University of Arizona student get on the ground, one of the men stood over them, holding them at gunpoint. One of the men pistol whipped them. One of the men also fired a shot at the floor of the house, but did not hit anybody. The men left, taking both victims’ cell phones from their pockets, a television, the roommate’s wallet, and an X-Box 360. The neighbor saw the men leaving in a white car.

About 10 minutes later, police report seeing a white car at Congress and 1-10 with a television sticking up from the back seat. They attempt to stop the car, but the car accelerates and eventually crashes down at Pima Mine Rd. Three males bail out of the car. There is still a girl in the backseat. The girl tells police that she had just been picked up, and the driver was “Surillo.” She says she didn’t know the other 2 people in the car, but gives police Surillo’s phone number. In the car was all the property taken in the home invasion except for the roommate’s phone, along with 3 masks, 2 handguns, 1rifle, and gloves.

On May 5, one of the student victims was able to locate his cellphone using a “Find My Phone” app. Police were able to locate the phone in a vehicle and stopped it. At the time of the stop, a male occupant was in possession of the stolen phone. He was later tentatively identified as Jose Lemus-Veliz.

During a subsequent search warrant, a ping order was used to locate one of the handsets connected to one of the phone numbers, provided by the female passenger, for “Surrillo.”

Officers were able to locate a man carrying the handset and detained him. He was tentatively identified as Jose Campuzano-Miranda.

Campuzano-Miranda admitted to being present at both home invasions and he admitted to participating in both of them. He knew the third suspect only as “Corral” and he implied that he was the ring leader. He provided a phone number for “Corral.” He described “Corral” as a Mexican national.

A search warrant was granted for the phone number for Corral. Verizon provided the latitude and longitude for those calls. For the accuracy, Verizon classifies the location as low, medium, or high confidence. Verizon calculates that information by calculating the time and distance to the tower for each call event.

Detectives were able to map those calls. The records show that three phone calls were made from the handset between 5:39 a.m. and 7:18 a.m. on May 1. Due to Verizon’s accuracy scale, a specific location cannot be determined for the handsets current location. However, high confidence hits have regularly placed that handset in the 3100 block of E. Towner.

A second potential phone number was identified possibly being associated with Corral, and a ping order was obtained through AT&T on the second phone number believed to being associated with Corral. Pursuant to that court order, AT&T provided the location for the handset at 15 minute intervals. The pings on May 20 showed that the handset had been at 3161 E. Towner.

Police established surveillance on 3161 E. Towner. A search warrant was obtained for the residence to locate Corral and the two targeted phones.

Prior to the service of the search warrant, a traffic stop was conducted on a vehicle leaving from 3161 E Towner. Information was developed through the traffic stop leading officers to believe that the male named Danielito had been staying at the home for approximately 3 weeks. Danielito was shown to have both targeted phone numbers. Danielito was described as a very dark skinned Hispanic male between 18-20 years old and with a thin build.

Tucson SWAT served the search warrant at the home. A subject later identified as Daniel Jupa-Fino attempted to flee out the backyard and was quickly apprehended.

During the service of the search warrant at the residence, both targeted handsets were located in the kitchen area.

Jupa-Fino admitted to participating in both home invasions. He indicated that during the first home invasion, he was wearing a mask armed with a handgun. He entered into the home and searched the bedrooms. He did not take any items, however, Campuzano-Miranda stole cell phones and a laptop.

After leaving from the first home invasion, while driving past the second incident location, they noticed that lights were on in the home.

Jupa-Fino said he waited outside while Campuzano and Lemus forced entry into the home. While waiting outside of the home as a look-out, he heard a gunshot fired. Lemus-Veliz exited from the home carrying a large television from the home.

However, in the search of the vehicle after it was abandoned, the AR-15 rifle was in the seat location where the Defendant was seated.

Because home invasions, while on the rise, do not result in homicide; too few of them make headlines. However, the crimes make memories that linger in the heads of the victims for what seems like an eternity.


  1. Pointless do-loop of deportation and return to do more crimes. Put this guy away for good…he’s proven he disrespects the laws of this country and its people in so many ways.

  2. Actually, had Bush not sold the false weapons of mass destruction crap and invaded the wrong country for the oil; a lot of this would not be happening. Everything has consequences; fast and furious actually started under Bush under another name and it was expanded under Obama. Has Obama made mistakes, of course he has and I do not agree with everything that he does. Benghazi should not have happened and there is no plausible excuse. We live in a global economy and I think that is better to try to negotiate with everybody and come to some kind of understanding rather than be in a constant state of war. We are the greatest military power in the world; that alone carries some weight and it isn’t fair to the soldiers who have to do 4,5,6 tours of duty. People are just people all over the world and they basically want the same things that we do, and yes there are the crazies who use religion to kill innocent people to make them conform, but those zealots are not the norm nor do they represent everyone else. That is exactly why Church and State should always be separated.

  3. Make him do his time in a Mexican jail. And believe it or not, I seriously doubt that Obama’s son would be a thug. There is no winning with you guys.

    • Obama is a thug to every law abiding AMERICAN and AMERICAN BUSINESS so what’s your point???

      • In your own opinion; to which you are entitled to, but your prejudice is showing. Not every law abiding citizen thinks like you do and he has helped America through the worst economic disaster in History without the help of the obstructionist Republicans. Let’s not forget how Bush ruined the economy by giving everything away to his pals off of the backs of the middle class. Your anger is misdirected.

        • Yea, Cecilia, its GWB’s fault right. Banghazi, the IRS, Fast and Furious, the Arab spring and the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran and the nuke deal, and the list goes on. You know the “I will have the most open administration” in history speech in 2008. Suppose that is all GWB’s fault. BTW what flavor is the koolaid?

  4. Just more of the same from a court system in ILLEGAL/THUG friendly Pima County. Am really surprised at Pinal County but what the hell, catch and release is all the time now. Only way to stop these animals is with a bullet. The time is coming I am afraid that it will come to that. The feds and state sure won’t protect their citizens, and that is why the created the 2nd amendment.

  5. With individuals of such high moral and ethical standards, it’s understandable why this Administration wants them wandering our streets.

    Heck, any one of them could have been Obama’s son.

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