Maricopa County Fight Against Heroin Trafficking Continues

Sheriff Joe Arpaio reports that detectives within the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office HIDTA Task Force have arrested 8 suspects in a major drug operation that has led to the seizure of another 51 pounds of heroin. The suspects were operating out of two Phoenix residences. Previous operations in recent weeks had yielded 53 pounds of heroin and $650,000 in cash. The suspects were arrested and booked into 4th Avenue Jail yesterday, where all but one of the suspects had immigration holds place on them by federal officials.

“We are making these kinds of big heroin arrests with increasing regularity,” said Sheriff Arpaio.

The arrests are a result of detectives conducting surveillance on April 21, 2016, of a vehicle which was driven from AZ Mills Mall to a house at 6521 W. Papago Court. The driver was observed in the garage placing a large duffel bag into another car before leaving the residence. A short distance later, he was observed transferring the duffel bag into a white Honda with three males. After a stop was conducted on both vehicles, the second car was found to have 29 pounds of heroin and 2.2 pounds of cocaine. A warrant was served on the Papago address and an additional 22 pounds of heroin was located. The investigation then led to 1612 S. 6th Street, Phoenix, where 45 pounds of marijuana were located.


Sheriff Arpaio reports that the millions of dollars in heroin that have been removed from the streets will undoubtedly save lives among our populace, including high school aged children. As the arrests made in this latest case appear to involve foreign nationals, what does that say about the security of the border between the U.S. and Mexico?

“I am still trying to get to Mexico to meet with the Mexican President,” said Arpaio. “We need to work together to solve this out-of-control heroin problem.”

Here is the suspect list from the April 21, 2016 operation:

Suspect ListDate of Birth
Rubio-Castro, Juan Carlos 11/27/1986
Perez-Baldovinos, Mauro 09/18/1994
Perez-Baldovines, Jose O.9/5/1989
Gastellum, Jose Jesus10/19/1970
Soto, Jamie9/2/1993
Tellez, Kegan10/31/1995
Sanchez-Diaz, Isreal 01/28/1983
Valenzuela, Juan Carlos L.1/28/1983

Kegan Tellez, did not have an immigration hold placed on him.



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