To Americans Everywhere, From John Porter

Opinion by John Porter

From virtually the day that this underdog, Donald John Trump, entered the presidential race some ten months ago, he has been the people’s choice, and they have made him the Republican Party’s presidential front runner.

For as much as Ted Cruz, John Kasich and their financial backers and the Republican Party bosses may detest this fact, this is a fact.

Moreover, it is equally a fact that among all his original 17 competitors in the GOP race, no one has even come remotely close to beating him.

In terms of the popular vote, Trump has left Ted Cruz, the first runner up, far back in the rear view mirror, and fading even farther: The Manhattan businessman has elicited the support of millions of more voters than have rallied behind the politician from Texas. 

Trump now has such a substantial lead over Cruz and Kasich as far as delegate counts go, neither one of those two can acquire the number to be be nominated, by way of the remaining contests.

Yet in spite of this—no, because of this—Republican Party bosses and loyalist establishment insiders, including and especially Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and every other deceitful “Stop Trump” group, are scheming for a contested convention in which the party, as opposed to its voters, will decide its nominee.

John Kasich and Ted Cruz and the RNC should be ashamed of themselves for going to the lengths of the agreed upon scheme, which was announced Sunday night, of Kasich pulling out of the nomination race in Indiana in order to give Cruz a chance to win the delegates there, for otherwise he could not. Now for I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine, Cruz will pull out of the races in New Mexico and Oregon in the colluded effort to deny Trump the delegates there. It should be all the proof necessary for the Cruz and Kasich followers (you are being duped) to see that neither one of these men are trying to be elected to the nomination by the people, but only to stop Donald Trump. Please pause for a moment and ask yourself, isn’t our goal to stop Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump, the man the people have been choosing in overwhelming numbers for ten months?

I for one, would be very disappointed and disgusted if our nominee has secured the nomination in any such deceitful manner. It shows me that the two men are being guided by the Republican National Committee and their financial backers to stop Donald Trump. It is very clear, the race is now between Ted Cruz, John Kasich, the Republican Party elite on one side and the people on the other. 

The American people of all persuasions, color, race, age, gender, and creed are in support of this man. It is time the Republican Party get behind the people and stop expecting the people to get behind them. My goodness, this man is winning by huge margins of the voting public. Commonsense Conservatism is real. He is not coming in second or third and claiming victory. He is winning, and huge. It’s the people speaking their minds and hearts/

People, I ask you to ponder something: John Kasich and Ted Cruz have both been in politics and political office for most of their lives and have gotten us where we are now, or at least haven’t been able to stop or change anything. If they are elected to this office why will it be any different? Let’s give Mr. Trump an opportunity. He certainly seems to have the ability to make things happen, and just may do exactly what he says he will do. The others have been trying to no avail. Why should we let them be president and keep doing the same and expecting different results? 

I believe the sleeping giant has been awakened by this cowardly collusion act of weakness in scratching each others backs. To the people of Indiana, New Mexico, Oregon and all other states, get involved, stand tall and vote Mr. Trump in with a landslide. If I were a supporter of Kasich in Indiana or Cruz in New Mexico or Oregon, I would feel violated and used as a pawn. This is embarrassing and disgraceful to the people of the Republican Party. The time has come to show Ted Cruz, John Kasich and the Republican establishment that we are in charge and cannot be coerced into voting their way. This really needs to backfire on them.

Thank you
John Porter
118 Approach Drive
Harrison, Arkansas


  1. What a lie that Cruz and Kasich have “gotten us to where we are today.”

    Both have fought the good fight for conservatism. Kasich has begun to “cave in” to liberals a lot recently but in the past he has done a lot of good with the national budget. So Kasich is out of the running now except for waffly moderates who like caving in. He has only been a Governor recently so one could say “He got Iowa where it is today,” and then be stating a fact.

    Cruz fought amnesty and has a record of fighting the GOP establishment.

    An argument that might convince me Trump supporters have a clue would be something like “Trump and Cruz both want to fight liberals and RINOs to give us liberty and constitutionalism, but I think Trump would do a better job.”

    Lying and insults just make me think “OK, that Trump supporter needs a clue. Are all of them like that?”

  2. The voters should think about this and research it for themselves.

    Article II, Section 1, 5th clause. “No person except a natural born Citizen, shall be eligible for the Office of President”.

    Amendment XIV, Section 1. “All persons naturalized or born “IN” the United States, are citizens of the United States”.

    If there is anything in the COTUS that includes being a child of a citizen, who is born “OUTSIDE” of the U.S., I would appreciate someone showing it to me.

    My main objection against Cruz is because of his, NOT being born in the U.S., and just because some judges using their own “personal agendas” and throw the case out, does not change that fact.

    • Ted Cruz was a U.S. citizen from birth. His mother, Eleanor Darragh, was a U.S. citizen, born in 1934. Ted Cruz was born in 1970; his mother was 36 when she gave birth to him.

      Under the law, for births that take place outside the United States between December 24, 1952 and November 13, 1986, one U.S. parent “must have lived in the United States for at least ten years, with five of those years occurring after he or she was 14 years old.”

      Darragh had lived in the United States for more than ten years and five of those years had occurred after age 14. If you are United States citizen from birth, you are a natural-born citizen – no naturalization is required.

      Jim Geraghty

      • Laws do not change the constitution, Amendments do. Quote the Federal Revised Statute/Law you believe makes him a Citizen as I would like to research it myself.

  3. This is exactly why I left the Republican Party to become an Independent.
    Remember, the difference between Republicans and Democrats is the Speed of which you get Socialism!
    Go Trump! I want my country back!

  4. DITTO! TRUMP has exposed the filthy underbelly of the GOPe. We all knew we were getting hosed, we just didn’t know the exact procedures. NOW WE KNOW. Trump threw PC out the door when he announced he’s running and continues to give us our 1st amendment of free speech back. I don’t care if he does anything else than build us a big beautiful, high secure Trump wall. I can hardly wait to see him rip Hillary to shreds and expose more of the establishment & donor class antics. GO TRUMP! We want our country back.

  5. Bravo Mr. Porter! Those two useless noodles cannot win on their own, then why would anyone vote for “cheaters”?
    Trump 2016!

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