Salmon Bill Would Eliminate Fraud In Public Housing Programs

Rep. Matt Salmon introduced the fourth bill in his HB2016 Shrink our Spending Initiative, which would eliminate fraud from the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) public housing programs. The bill is part of Salmon’s “Shrink Our Spending” Initiative.

“The most vulnerable Americans suffer when programs designed to ensure a basic safety net are abused by freeloaders intent on mooching from the public treasury. Instead of helping families in need, over 104 million dollars was spent on 25,000 families who don’t qualify for free or reduced-cost housing. This selfishness and lack of respect for those truly suffering must end by ensuring that HUD does its job protecting the vulnerable instead of doling out money to ineligible individuals in a misguided quest to advance extreme left-wing social policies,” statd Salmon.

According to the HUD Inspector General report in July 2015, more than 25,000 families received subsidized public housing assistance despite exceeding maximum income thresholds. HUD IG found $104.4 million went to families not qualified for aid instead of those families actually in need. Meanwhile, HUD disagrees, stating that evicting over-income tenants would work against HUD’s objectives to “deconcentrate poverty in public housing developments.”

In 2014, Salmon began a program to identify and cut wasteful spending government-wide, because he knew every federal department, office, and agency has wasteful spending within their budgets. The program was called the “Shrink Our Spending” Initiative and aimed at finding $ 1.5 billion in wasteful spending. In 2015, the initiative identified and cut over $3 billion in government waste.

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