Arizona Republicans To Elect National Convention Delegates Today

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Arizona Republicans will converge upon the Mesa Convention Center

By Jackie Padilla | Cronkite News

This year’s presidential candidates are eager to earn the votes of the presidential candidates. But in order to secure a spot in the general election, they must have support from majority of delegates at the National Convention.

Typically delegates consist of former governors, and other statewide officials. But many more people are eligible, according to the spokesperson for the Arizona Republican Party, Tim Sifert.

Any registered Republican voter is eligible to be a national delegate and is also eligible to be a delegate to the state convention.

For this year’s election, the process started back in 2014, when the Republic Committee elected Precinct Committeemen. This group represents each of the 30 local districts in the state and are responsible for electing the 1,251 delegates who will go to the State Convention on April 30th.

From there, those selected cast their vote for a total of 58 delegates who will attend the National Convention in July, and with a majority vote, elect a candidate to represent their party in the primary election.

For the first round of votes, delegates are bound by law to “vote for the winner of the primary in Arizona, also known as the preference election,” Sifert said.

So by default, Donald Trump will sweep those ballots, but that doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause for those supporting Gov. John Kasich and Sen. Ted Cruz.

“It’s still majority rule. But Donald Trump has not demonstrated that he can get the majority in any state, with the possible exception of New York,” Arizona State Delegate, John Kaites, said.

If there is a second round of voting, all bets are off and delegates can cast their ballot for who they think belongs in the white house.

“We can then look at who might be the best person for that position…obviously I believe that’s John Kasich. I believe John Kasich has the experience and the capability of winning in November,” Kaites said.

Arizona State Delegate, Chris Herring, said the overall process is lengthy but there’s still hope for Cruz supporters.

“There’s definitely hope for Cruz supporters, 100-percent. What Cruz is doing is he’s playing by the rules of the party he’s a member of, and I think that’s important to understand,” Herring said.

The State Convention in Arizona will take place at the Mesa Convention Center on April 30th. In July, those elected delegates will continue to the National Convention in Cleveland, OH.


  1. Our Constitutional Representative Republic was designed to protect the unalienable God-given Rights of all Americans — not just the self-serving demands of the Majority!

    The Founding Fathers — being quite well-educated in the Holy Bible, History, Philosophy, Politics and English Common Law, and standing-upon the shoulders of men like John Locke, and others — knew that a true democracy does not protect the Rights of the Individual!

    They knew that when the Majority Rules, there ARE NO individual rights!

    In a true democracy, if 51% of the people vote to kill all of the Purple People tomorrow, tomorrow all of the Purple People will be killed!

    That is why democracy is also known as the Logical Fallacy of Appeal to the People!!!

    The Founding Fathers, in securing the right of ALL the sovereign people to participate in our own governance in a representative republic, created the Presidential Electoral College to protect the inhabitants of the small less-populated States against becoming vassal-states of the more-populated large States!!!

    If you want to retain your God-given Right to live as a Free Individual in a Free Society, the concept of “democracy” should be anathema to you!

    Democracy leads to worse tyranny than we have ever seen in our still-Greatest Nation on Earth!!!

    In spite of egregious abuses of Our Liberty under God, the United States of America are still better than the alternatives!

    If your deepest desire is to live in a democracy, please, find one beyond the shores of America, the Beautiful!

    We have allowed ourselves to be indoctrinated and our substance and health leached away by those we have let rule us rather than serve us!

    Right now, the Emperor has no clothes, but, I’d rather be able to declare that fact to all who will hear than to be subjugated to the will and rule of the Majority!

    Democracy leads to the populace being controlled and appeased with “Bread & Circuses!” While those in-power — and be assured there will always be power-mongers in every society — live by looting the property of those who produce!

    Only in America has Mankind enjoyed a relative respite from openly tyrannical rulers!

    In a democracy, all the people do vote, but, they rule as a mob! And Mob Rule begets anarchy, which always begets tyranny by power-mongers who use force at the point of a gun!

    The secret to the past success of We the People of the United States of America is our Constitutional Representative Republic that has protected our individual Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness [The Right to earn and hold Property]!

    The secret to our future success depends upon just how well we awake from our national slumber and work to Keep Our Republic!!!

  2. For the Record:

    joohn dough says:

    “. . . I do not want to hear anymore B.S. about how our votes count in our once great country, and that we are a “Democratic Nation”.

    At the close of the Constitutional Convention, American Patriot and political insider, Mrs. Elizabeth Powel, asked of Benjamin Franklin:

    “What kind of government have you given us, Dr. Franklin?”

    “A REPUBLIC, Madam, if you can keep it.”

    Dr. Franklin spoke in the plural; Mrs. Powel represents We the People!!!

    Can WE keep our Constitutional Representative REPUBLIC?

    Not if we as a People don’t reject the lie that America is a democracy!!!

    It is a pernicious lie fed to us over at least a century of propaganda and indoctrination, by collectivist radicals who call themselves “progressives!”

    The Founding Fathers rejected democracy because majority rule is NOT liberty!!!

    Democracy is the Logical Fallacy of Appeal to the People; also known as, Mob Rule!

    Our republic was designed to protect the unalienable God-given Rights of All, especially the Minority from the tyranny of the Majority!

    Even if the Minority is One and the Majority is Everyone else!!!

    “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the REPUBLIC FOR WHICH IT STANDS; one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all.” !!!

    Our “once great country,” joohn dough, is NOT, and never was, a “Democratic Nation!”

    • Well said.
      It was the will of 47% of the AZ voters (a plurality). And in a “Fair” world, that’s how many should stick with him after the first ballot. We should be caucusing instead of getting a mail in ballot. That ensures participation of those who want to maintain this Constitutional Republic. I find it fascinating that even though Congress has the lowest rating ever, in primaries that have been held so far in which party congressional representatives have been elected, incumbents have won them all.

    • I know that Town Crier. Was thinking one thing and typing another.

      Intended to say that we are “indeed not” a Democratic Nation.

      Decades ago when I first realized that our hired help were indeed a bunch of Tyrannical, Dictatorial, Oppressive, Authoritarian, Totalitarian SOB’s, it dawned on me to question why I was pledging Allegiance to a “Republic” and NOT a Democracy.

      The founding fathers did not want a nation where the majority of “we the people” could decide matters and elections, but one where the government could control the outcome and why they took the voters out of the equation with the “Electoral College” when deciding who will be President.

      Trump has brought to the attention of the voters, that in the reality, their votes really DO NOT MATTER.

  3. So these supposed ‘reps’ will only follow the will of the voters on 1st go round and then pick their favorites. Nice little way to subvert the votes, so why even have a vote if this is how they are going to play. Yes I know its probably been like this forever, but the light is finally shining on the rat packs and how they go about doing their dirty business. No wonder trump is upset since its the ‘select’ people who determine who is in/out. Why dont they limit their choices to the winners supporters instead of the losers? I would not want cruise or kasick so I guess my voice does not count or even the other thousands who voted for trump. the supporters should be by % if thats how they want to play but then that would rock the boat even more and the crooks would have to pay more to get their way!

  4. 21.43% say none of these guys or gals are the solution – which I think is the problem, no confidence in the present anyone – interesting – I say this no confidence is nation wide.

  5. The Republican voters of Arizona want Trump, and if the delegates vote for any other candidate it will show that Mr. Trump is RIGHT in the fact that the people will be “disenfranchised” if the delegates vote any other way.

    If the delegate’s vote for cruz or kasich, and ignore the “will of the we the people”, I do not want to hear anymore B.S. about how our votes count in our once great country, and that we are a “Democratic Nation”.

    We the voters did not vote for a candidate because of whether he can win in November, but because of the policies that he has and how he want’s to “Make America Great Again”.

    • The delegates will vote their conscience regardless of Trump Supporter threats and whining. I hope they legally vote Cruz if nobody reaches the 1237 limit.

      Trump is a GOPe who makes deals and gives money for favors. He gave a lot to Boehner and other amnesty RINOs. He caved in on H1B already and has a lower score than Cruz on NumbersUSA.

      Cruz is a Constitutionalist who will truly fight amnesty and other unConstituational liberal and RINO policies.

      We want the same thing, joohn, but we disagree on how to get there.

      • I can not agree with you on cruz being a constitutionalist, as he refuses to admit that he does NOT know or understand what the definitions of the words “natural born”, in Article II, Section 1, 5th Clause of the constitution, or “IN the United States”, in the 14th Amendment, Section 1 in the Amendments.

        I don’t claim to be a constitutional scholar like cruz and obummer claim to be, which it is obvious that they are not, but I have researched and understand what the creators of the Constitution and the Amendments wanted, and that is that they did NOT want a Foreign Born person as President of the U.S. that would/could influence and push the policies of their native country.

        • Judge Smacks Down Trump’s Ted Cruz Birther Claims, and Hardly Anyone Covers It

          Having extensively reviewed all articles cited in the opinion, as well as many others, this Court holds, consistent with the common law precedent and statutory history, that a “natural born citizen” included any person who is a United States citizen from birth.Accordingly, because he was a citizen of the United States from birth, Ted Cruz is eligible to serve as President of the United States.


          The whole article contains more information but this is the summary.

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