Marana Police Conduct Warrant Sweep

Marana Police Officers recently conducted a warrant sweep searching for subjects who have active DUI and traffic warrants issued by the Marana Municipal Court.

Officers physically arrested nine absconders for outstanding warrants. Three additional absconders were found to already be in jail. A total of 21 arrest warrants were served totaling $25,512.00 in bonds, including one no-bond drug warrant. All of the arrestees were booked into the Pima County Jail. In addition, an additional 5 people contacted the Marana Courts and set up new court dates to have their warrants quashed.

This is the 7th warrant sweep conducted this fiscal year by the Marana Police Department. Last year the Marana Police Department conducted seven DUI warrant sweeps. Those warrant sweeps resulted in 69 arrests and over $150,000 in recovered bond money and fines.

The funding for this warrant sweep is from a grant awarded by the DUI Abatement Council. The Marana Police Department was awarded $30,000 in overtime funds allocated for warrant sweeps targeting subjects who have active warrants for DUI and traffic related crimes.