Pima County’s Cliff: Sunday’s Comic

Pima County, World View, Goldwater Struggle Heats Up

In a memo dated April 21, 2016, Pima County administrator Chuck Huckelberry boasts of a letter to the Chuck Huckelberry demanding that it drop its lawsuit against the County for the illegal deal with World View. The letter, signed by a handful of County beneficiaries and Huckelberry supporters, appears to make unsubstantiated assertions in what many believe is an effort to obstruct justice.

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  1. Send money to Goldwater for this fight folks, I did, did you,

    Go Goldwater go, wish you success and kick their ass

  2. The picture about sums it up. Huckelberry has no worries as long as the cronies and enviors are taken care of. The taxpayers however are a different story. He has no time or patience for them.

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