Pinal Collision Ends With Suspect Fatality By Officer Involved Shooting

Route of pursuit in blue to Fatal shooting at Rittenhouse and Combs Road

On Friday April 29th 2016 at 10:54 p.m., two Citizens and an on-duty MCSO deputy reported a non Injury hit-and-run accident at the intersection of Geary and Empire in San Tan Valley

The suspect vehicle had rear-ended the victim vehicle pushing it into the intersection, The suspect vehicle ran into the victim’s vehicle a second time and shoved it through the intersection. The MCSO deputy arrived at the scene shortly after the accident occurred and was able to see the suspect vehicle leaving the scene. The victim’s vehicle which was a Volkswagen Jetta received extensive damage as a result of being struck twice.

The MCSO deputy and later a PCSO lieutenant were able to catch up to the suspect vehicle and after it failed to yield a Pursuit was initiated. The suspect vehicle was a 2014 Chevy truck. The truck fled northward on Gantzel and was weaving heavily as it drove at approximately 35 miles per hour. The truck had extensive damage to the front driver’s side as a result of the accident and was driving on its rim.

The truck turned westbound onto Combs Road and the driver still refused to stop as parts of the vehicle began to fall off. The vehicle eventually pulled into a dirt field at Combs and Rittenhouse. The driver of the truck begin to drive in circles in an attempt to get away as deputies were trying to conduct a felony stop. At one point, the truck drove head-on into a fully marked PCSO truck which was stopped with a sergeant behind the wheel. The sergeant in the vehicle received minor injuries as a result of his vehicle being rammed by the suspect. After ramming the PCSO vehicle, the truck backed up and stopped.

Sheriff Paul Babeu stated, “a PCSO lieutenant and two sergeants exited their vehicles and ordered the suspect to surrender at gunpoint. The suspect then without warning, accelerated his vehicle directly towards a PCSO sergeant who was out of his vehicle and pointing his duty weapon at the driver. Fearing for his life the sergeant and the two other supervisors fired their duty handguns at the driver in attempt to stop him before he drove into the sergeant. The vehicle the suspect vehicle then quickly turned around and drove northbound on Rittenhouse and turned into a dirt field approximately 75 yards away and stopped.”

The driver was given verbal commands to exit but he did not respond. Less lethal bean bag rounds were fired at the windows of the vehicle so that deputies could see inside. Deputies approached the vehicle behind a ballistic shield and found the adult male driver was deceased.

At this time PCSO detectives are still processing the scene and conducting interviews with all parties involved. As additional information becomes available for their updates will be provided.


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