Mesa Student Will Not Be Prosecuted For Yearbook X Poser

maricopa county courts

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office has completed a review of a case submitted by the Mesa Police Department involving a Red Mountain High School student arrested Saturday for allegedly exposing himself in a team photo that appeared in the school’s yearbook and in programs sold at football games.

“An assessment of the available evidence for the felony charge of Furnishing Harmful Items to Minors, ARS 13-3506.A., leads us to conclude that the evidence does not establish a violation of the statute,” said Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery. “MCAO has furthered review of remaining misdemeanor charges submitted by the Mesa Police Department for possible submittal to the Mesa City Prosecutor’s Office.”

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  1. This was a stupid kid doing a stupid prank and to tell you the truth; there was nothing to see. I think that he will pay the rest of his life for having this nonsense all over the internet. No good would have come from prosecuting this kid and for what; to ruin a life for being an idiot. Common sense prevailed over hysteria.

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